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Wall Cladding Roll Forming Machine

How to produce the Wall Cladding?Contact with us!We are the manufacturer of the machine to produce the Wall Cladding.Mob/WhatsApp:+86 15127785988


The advantages of our Metal roof cladding roll forming machine:

1.Motor install inside of the machine,which can save place for customer!

2.Control station installed in the machine,in this way,when the machine arrive at customer’s factory,it doesn’t need to contact wire any more.Very easy to install and operate!

3.Add the pre-cutter in the front of the machine,which can reduce the waste material for customer!

4.Spacers are also chromed,which can improve the hardness and enlong the useage of the machine!

5.Can produce a lot of sizes by Automatic changing type!


The components of the whole machine:

1.Manual or hydraulic decoiler

2.Roll Former with pre-cutter

3.Control system

4.Hydraulic system

5.Product table


Welcome to contact us for more details!

More pictures of the machine:

Vidoes of the machine: