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TR4 Roof Sheet Rolling Machine for Peru market

TR4 Roof Sheet Rolling Machine

This TR4 Trapezoidal Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine is used to produce the TR4 model roofing sheet which is used widely in Peru,this pro

The profile drawing of TR4 trapezoidal roof sheet:

TR4 roofing sheet

The features of the TR4 roofing sheet panel:

1.The height of the TR4 roof sheet is 45mm which means very high in all of the trapezoidal roof sheets,it is very suitable for Peru’s market because the weather of Peru.The higher the roof tiles, the better the resistance.

2.The roof sheet’s height has big influence on the roll forming machine’s design,the 45mm height of the roof sheet need more roller station to produce to get the perfect sheet.

The application of the Roofing sheet panel:

The layout of the TR4 Roof Sheet Rolling Machine

for reference:

The components of the TR4 Roof Sheet Rolling Machine:

No. Name Quantity Specifications
1 Manual/hydraulic Decoiler 1 set Capacity:5-10T
2 Main roll former 1 set 18 stations
3 Control system 1 set PLC control,English and other language
4 Hydraulic system 1 set For cutting
5 Product table 2 sets 3 meters*2 sets

The technical specifications of the Roofing sheet rolling machine:

Item Name Specifications  Pictures
1 Material 1.Raw material:PPGI,Galvanized steel,Stainless steel

2.Raw material thickness:0.3-0.8mm

3.Yield strength:350Mpa,550Mpa

4.Coil width:as the profile drawing

5.Coil capacity:5 tons-10 tons

2 Main roll former 1.Roller station:18 station(according to profile drawing)

2.Roller material:Cr 12 with quenched treatment

3.Shaft diameter:80mm

4.Shaft material:45# steel with tempered

5.Transmission:by chain

6.Motor power:5.5kw

7.Machine frame:350H steel welded

8.Cutting type:Hydraulic cutting

9.Cutting blade material:Cr12 with quenched treatment

10.Cutting tolerance:+/-1mm

3 Electric brand 1.Control system:PLC

2.PLC brand:Siemens

3.Touch screen brand:Siemens

4.Button brand:Schneider

5.Encoder brand:Omron

6.Low voltage apparatus:Schneider

7.Hydraulic station:with fan cooling system

The machine’s working video for reference:

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