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TR4 Roof Sheet Machine Roll forming machine for Peru market

TR4 Roof Sheet Machine

TR4 Roof Sheet Machine is the machine to produce the TR4 Metal roof sheet.

The TR4 is the Roofing sheet model which is used in Peru market,it has 4 ribs and the wave height is 45mm.This profile is very popular in Peru because of the Peru’s geographical location and weather feature.

The profile drawing of TR4 ROOFING SHEET:

TR4 roofing sheet

Raw material coil width:1200mm

Effective width:1000mm

Material thickness:0.3-0.8mm

Wave height:45mm

Wave distance:333.3mm

The wave height 45mm should be payed more attention on it,because 45mm is very high(the normal roofing sheet’s height is 20-30mm).So the machine’s cost to produce this roofing sheet will be higher too,because it need more roller station to achieve a good finished product,and the rollers mold is big too.So this is one of the reason that the TR4 roofing sheet roll forming machine’s price is a little higher than normal roofing sheet machine.

There is another another profile which is also very popular in Peru,it is called TR5 roofing sheet.Here is the profile drawing for TR5:

Below is the introduction of the TR4 ROOF SHEET MACHINE.

1.The components of the TR4 ROOF SHEET MACHINE:

  • Manual decoiler/Hydraulic uncoiler
  • Roll former with cutter
  • Control system
  • Hydraulic system
  • Product table

2.The technical specifications of the whole machine

  • Coil capacity:5-10tons or as customer’s request
  • Roller station:18 stations or as the profile drawing
  • Roller material:45# steel with quenched treatment,surface is chromed
  • Shaft diameter:80mm,solid shaft
  • Shaft material:45# steel
  • Main motor power:5.5kw
  • Hydraulic power:4kw
  • Control system:PLC
  • Language:Chinese–Englisht–Spanish–Aribic–French,or as request
  • Screen:touch screen,Delta/Simens/Mitsubish or as request

3.Function of the machine

  • Fully automatic working
  • Support length and batch set up
  • Can produce different thickness of the raw material
  • Support customization

4.The pictures of each component

Metal roofing sheet roll forming machine’s working video:

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