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Small portable linear roll forming machine for wall panel or roofing sheet

Product Description

The ZT-Prollformer series is a fully mobile pan former ideal for both the workshop and for on-site operation.All functions and adjustments are positioned to one side of the machine. It is easy to transport, light weight with two castors mounted on frame. This saves on freight costs, shortages and the need for difficult leak prone panel end laps.

The guillotine-shear cuts panels without distortion and burr-free.

equipped with 4 crane lifting eyes.


Working flow of Small portable linear roll forming machine for wall panel or roofing sheet:

For this portable machine, you can either use it as the production line or use separately. When working as the production line, the working speed can reach 15 to 25 meter per minute. If you use it as the production line, ZT machinery can supply the hydraulic decoiler and receiving table.


Here are some sample for your reference of portable linear roll forming machine for wall panel or roofing sheet:


How to use in daily life:


How to do the installation of such roofing sheets:


When do the locking of such metal roofing sheets, you need such tools:

Manual and small portable linear roll forming machine could be used to make roofing panel within width 300 to 1250mm. But this is manual version, so it is easy to put any project on site, you can make any width you need easy. Meanwhile it is portable conveniently. Some drawing profile for your reference:

Linear roll forming machine parameters for your reference:

Material width: 180mm a 1250 mm
Material thickness: 0.5 – 0.7mm
Drawing profile height: 25mm
Working speed: 7 meter per minute
Power: 0,55 kw
Voltage: V 380
Machine size: 1700x940x820mm
Machine weight: 250kg

Machine pictures for your reference:

The machine produces panels for standing seam roof with a double seam. The machine works with all types of roof covering: steel (including polymer-coated), copper (including painted), aluminum, zinc, aluzinc, zinc-titanium. The material may be in rolls or in sheets. Optimized configuration of grading rollers ensures high quality of the profile.

Advantage of Small portable linear roll forming machine for wall panel or roofing sheet

Quick infinitely variable width of the work piece width in the range 320-700 mm. By rotating the handle with two screw pairs synchronously moving carriages moving the profiling rollers.
2.suitable for use both in the workshop and on site;
3.manufactures roofing panel-painting line and trapezoidal shape, as well as a one-way seam;
4.high quality of products through the use of an optimized design;
5.the use of complex composite rollers completely eliminates damage to the polymer coating of metal;
6.One-year warranty and unlimited service support the whole life.