IBR roofing sheet roll forming machine is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, roofs, walls and interior and exterior wall decorations of large-span steel structure houses. It has light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient and quick construction, earthquake resistance, fire protection, rain protection, and longevity. Long, maintenance-free and other characteristics have been widely promoted and applied.

The advantages of our machine:

1.Easy operation:only one worker can operate the whole production line.

2.Fully automatic:The machine is working full automatically.

3.Famous brand electric parts:We adopt the world famous bramd electric parts,such as Siemens,Schneider,Omron,Delta etc.

4.Professional engineer:Our engineer team is very professional,we can give you the suitable design as your request.

5.Support for custom:We can design profile drawing,machine’s structure,color and others as customer’s request.

6.Perfect after-sale service:We provide perfect after-sale service to our customers.

The technical specifications for the whole production line:

Part 1:Manual decoiler

1.Coil capacity:5 tons

2.Coil width: max 1250mm

3.Coil diameter:450-550mm

4.With manual brake system

Note:Hydraulic decoiler is optional.

Part 2:Main roll former

1.Roller station:18 station(according to profile drawing)
2.Roller material:Cr 12 with quenched treatment
3.Shaft diameter:80mm
4.Shaft material:45# steel with tempered
5.Transmission:by chain
6.Motor power:5.5kw
7.Machine frame:350H steel welded
8.Cutting type:Hydraulic cutting
9.Cutting blade material:Cr12 with quenched treatment
10.Cutting tolerance:+/-1mm

Part 3:Control system

1.Control system:PLC

2.PLC brand:Siemens

3.Touch screen brand:Siemens

4.Button brand:Schneider

5.Encoder brand:Omron

6.Low voltage apparatus:Schneider

Part 4:Hydraulic system


2.With fan cooling device


Part 5: Product table

1.Length:3 m


Note:Auto-stacker is optional


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