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C18 C20 Roofing Panel Roll Forming Machine

C18 C20 Roofing Panel Roll Forming Machine

C18 C20 Roofing Panel Roll Forming Machine  is a mechanical equipment specially used for producing trapezoidal roof tiles.

It usually adopts advanced technology and process, and can accurately make trapezoidal roof tiles from raw materials (such as metal plates, plastic plates, etc.) through a series of processing steps, including pressing, cutting, bending, etc.

The forming machine is characterized by high efficiency and high degree of automation, which can ensure the consistency of tile size and stability of quality. The operation is relatively simple, and the production parameters can be adjusted according to different needs to produce trapezoidal roof tiles of different specifications and styles. It plays an important role in the construction industry, providing beautiful and durable roof tile materials for various buildings.

The profile drawing for C18 C12:

The pictures of the finished product:

The technical specifications of the C18 C20 Roofing Panel Roll Forming Machine:

Item Name Specifications
1 Raw material Galvanized steel and Pre-painted steel
2 Raw material thickness 0.3-0.5mm
3 Decoiler 5T Hydraulic decoiler(Different capacity for option,manual one for option)
4 Roller station 18 stations
5 Roller material 45# steel with quenched treatment
6 Shaft diameter 80mm
7 Shaft material 45# steel with tempered
8 Transmission by chain
9 Motor power 5.5kw moter
10 Machine frame 350H steel welded
11 Cutting type Hydraulic cutting
12 Hydraulic power 5.5kw
14 Cutting blade material Cr12 with quenched treatment
15 Cutting tolerance +/-1mm
16 Control system PLC
17 Brand PLC:Delta/Siemens/Mitsubishi

Touch screen:Delta/Siemens/Mitsubishi


The pictures of our machine:

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