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Stone-coated Metal Roofing Tile Production Line

Introduction of the Stone-coated Metal Roofing tile:

It is produced by high-tech, using aluminum-zinc steel plate with excellent anti-corrosion performance as the substrate, water-based acrylate as the binder, sintered colored sand as the surface layer, and the weather-resistant acrylic resin as the outermost layer ( It is a new high-grade roofing material equivalent to paint. Because of its beautiful appearance, light weight, durability and environmental protection, it has become the mainstream product of international roofing materials in recent years and is used in high-end buildings.

Finished products we sell:


1.Lightweight and strong
The weight per square meter is much lower than that of traditional cement tiles. The precise lap and fastening make the roof stronger and avoid the possibility of roof collapse. At the same time, it saves transportation costs, storage costs and construction costs

The high-quality aluminized zinc substrate and natural stone protective layer have good anti-corrosion performance, which makes the service life of color stone metal tiles far beyond ordinary tiles.

Each piece of colored stone metal tile is easy to install and light in weight, which makes the maintenance cost low after the installation is completed.

The color stone metal tile uses high-quality galvanized steel sheet as the base material, and some materials can be recycled, which effectively reduces the cost of use

5.Super decorative
The multiple choices of color and shape of the colored stone metal tile and the super three-dimensional sense can be perfectly combined with modern architectural art and have strong decorative properties.

6.Easy to install
The color stone metal tile is lighter and easy to install. The color stone metal tile can be smoothly laid on the wooden keel and light steel keel.

7.Scientific construction

The color stone metal tile is scientifically and accurately lapped design, and the professional installation instructions ensure that the installation process can be completed in time and accurately

8.Construction safety
The unique design and production process greatly shorten the time of high-altitude construction and increase the safety of construction. The unique cutting in the paving project will not generate a lot of dust like traditional tiles, and it is also environmentally friendly


The whole production line for the stone-coated roofing tile that we sell:

Stone coated roofing tile production line

Main technical parameters of the production line:

1Production speed4000-7000pcs/day
2Machine weight20MT(SolutionA), 35MT(SolutionB)
3Total installed capacity200 kw
4Steel plate thickness0.2-0.6mm
5Steel plate width1000mm-1450mm
6Product conditionPlant area 2000 square mcters(25meters*80mcters)
7Production line characteristicsHorizontal, continuous product, stepless frequency conversion variable speeds,PLC control, having reliable performances, easy operation.



Component of the whole line:

1Slitting and cutting machine1 set
2Lace machine1 set
3Punching machine1 set
4Punching mold1 set
5Stone-coated production line1 set