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Standing seam roll forming machine

Standing seam machine


This standing seam profile is the standard profile which is used widely in India,the raw material width is 610mm.

The advantage of this profile:Compared with ordinary roof panels, the wind and rain resistance is superior. The hidden occlusal construction, the connector has no leakage, the service life is long, and the side buckle has strong wind resistance after occluding. The service life is not less than 50 years, the waterproof performance is outstanding, the waterproof layer is not required, the wind and earthquake resistance, the fire resistance performance is good, and the construction is simple.

This machine includes the whole production line:Uncoiler/decoiler,main roll former,hydraulic cutter,control system,hydraulic system,product table.

The working process:

Technical parameters of the machine:


2.Rolling station:12 stations

3.Rolling material:45# steel

4.Shaft diameter:70mm

5.Shaft material:45# steel

6.Motor power:5.5kw

7.Transmission:by chain

8.Cutting type:Hydraulic cutting

9.Hydraulic power:4kw


Machine’s pictures for reference:


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