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PV5 and Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

PV5 roof panel machine

This double layer machine is very famous in Chile,it is the standard model.

Advantage:One machine can produce 2 profiles,which can save cost and space for customer

Model:PV5 and corrugated sheet.

Coil size:940mm and 1000mm

Effective width:854mm and 825mm

We have a professional engineer team which can design the machine as customer’s request.

Main technical parameters of the whole line:

1.Uncoiler/Decoiler:Capacity 5-10 tons,manual or automatic optional

2.Roller station:10 stations for PV5

                            13 stations for corrugated sheet

3.Roller material:45# steel with heat treatment

4.Shaft diameter:80mm

5.Shaft material:45# steel with quenched treatment

6.Motor power:5.5kw

7.Transmission:by double chains

8.Hydraulic cutting,no distorting or wasting.High safety level.

9.Hydraulic power:5.5kw

10.Product receive table:3 m*2 sets


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