Double layer machine of glazed tile and IBR tile rolling machine is designed to make the glazed tile and IBR tile by rolling forming machine in batch fully automatically. Glazed tile roof sheet double layer roll forming machine is widely used in many kinds of industrial factory, civilian buildings, It has advantage of pretty appearance, durable using and so on.  By the double layer design, it can save cost and space for the manufacturing. Here I will take the following drawing for example to show you how the machine is designed. The following double layer machine is delivered to Zimbabwe:

Glazed tile layer:

IBR layer:

Double layer machine of glazed tile and IBR tile rolling machine:


Double layer machine of glazed tile and IBR tile rolling machine advantages:

  • Material of the profile: GI or color steel
    Thickness range: 0.3-0.8mm
    Main motor power:7.5kw, AC motor, motor inside of main machine (Brand: Guomao of China) (according the final design)
    Machine Voltage, Frequency, Phase: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase or customized
    Roll station: about 18 stations down layer and upper roller stations 16
  • Roller material:ASTM1045 chrome plated surface with chrome,CNC, 
     Shaft diameter: ¢70mm material: SAE1045 with quenching and tempering 
     Machine roll forming speed: not less than 15m/min 
     Transmission: by chain, one inch, single line
    Roll former has leveling bolts in the base for adjust the leveling 
    Machine base frame adopt H beam welding steel
    In the main roll forming machine have 2 buttons for urgency stop if happen any malfunction.
    Machine adopts new station to make machine more strong
    To avoid accidents, all of drive part adopt protect cover 
    Color of machine: Blue and yellow (or base on customer request)


Where we are different with others rolling forming machine?

  1. We use the portable and durable PLC, it takes small space and easy to use. Meanwhile we will give the romotor for easy operation.
  2. All the bolts and nuts and rollers we will do the chroming for anti-go rusting.
  3. All the hydraulic station, we will give the cooling down system for long time to use.
  4. Pilla double pole shearing system for long time to use.
  5. All the machines we will give 2 year warrenty and whole life tech support.

Meanwhile the Zimbabwe customer also ordered the hydraulic crimping machine using together with the double layer machine.


Please check more details in the following videos. And for more parameters of the Double layer machine of glazed tile and IBR tile rolling machine for Zimbabwe, please contact us at any time.


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