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36‘’ R panel Roll Forming Machine for USA market

36'' R panel Roll Forming Machine

36” R panel Roll Forming Machine for USA market

4 Rib 36″ x 1 1/4″ High Ribs

• Computer batch control
• Hydraulic Shear
• Includes 11,000 lb manual uncoiler(5 TONS,Also have hydraulic decoiler)
• 220V 3 phase

The components of the 36” R panel Roll Forming Machine for USA market

1.Manual/Hydraulic decoiler

2.R panel roll former

3.Hydraulic shear system

4.PLC control system

5.Product receive table/automatic stacker

The layout of the Machine

The technical specifications

Part 1:Hydraulic decoiler/Manual decoiler

  • Capacity:5 tons/11000 lbs
  • Coil width:max 1200mm or as per request
  • Coil inner diameter:470mm-530mm

Part 2: R panel roll former

  • Machine frame:350# H steel,with cast iron memorial arch
  • Roller station:16 stations
  • Roller material:45# steel with quenched treatment,chromed in the surface
  • Shaft material:45# steel with heat treatment
  • Shaft diameter:80mm
  • Motor power:11kw
  • Transmission:by gearbox

Part 3:Hydraulic shearing system

  • Shearing type:Hydraulic
  • Blade material:Cr 12 with quenched treatment
  • Hydraulic power:7.5kw
  • With fan cooling system

Part 4:Control system

  • Control system:PLC
  • Function:Length,batch and speed control
  • Touch screen brand:Delta/Siemens/Mitsubishi
  • PLC brand:Delta/Siemens/Mitsubishi
  • Encoder:Omron
  • Low pressure apparatus:Schneider

Part 5:Automatic stacker

  • Length:6m/9m/12m as customer’s request
  • Working type:Pnuematic

Machine working video

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