What Is Floor Deck?

Composite or non-composite metal decking for floor construction.

How Floor Deck Works:

Metal floor decking is laid and fastened to a support structure, this can either be done with composite or non-composite deck. Structural concrete is then poured over the metal decking, in turn becoming apart of the floor structural system itself.

Why Floor Deck Matters:

Floor decking lowers the amount of concrete needed for structural requirements, while also being a faster alternative to cast-in-place concrete floors. Learn more about or Composite Deck  & Form Deck products.

We are the manufacturer of the floor deck roll forming machine and we also can customize the machine as customer’s request.

The technical specifications of the Galvanized steel floor deck roll forming machine:






1.Raw material:PPGI,Galvanized steel,Stainless steel

2.Raw material thickness:0.3-0.8mm

3.Yield strength:350Mpa,550Mpa

4.Coil width:as the profile drawing


Main roll former

1.Roller station:28 station(according to profile drawing)

2.Roller material:Cr 12 with quenched treatment

3.Shaft diameter:90mm

4.Shaft material:45# steel with tempered

5.Transmission:by chain

6.Motor power:15kw*2 sets

7.Machine frame:350H steel welded

8.Cutting type:Hydraulic cutting

9.Cutting blade material:Cr12 with quenched treatment

10.Cutting tolerance:+/-1mm


Electric brand

1.Control system:PLC

2.PLC brand:Siemens

3.Touch screen brand:Siemens

4.Button brand:Schneider

5.Encoder brand:Omron

6.Low voltage apparatus:Schneider

Layout of the whole production line:

More pictures of the machine:


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