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Metal IBR tile and Glazed tile making machine

 Metal IBR tile and Glazed tile making machine could be made by one machine fully automatically in batch. The machine can do the production in the speed of 25 meter per minutes. The good thing of this machine is that it either could be used to make IBR tile or glazed tiles. As to do the stepnism or not, depends on your requirements.  

Take the following drawing profile for example to show how the machne works:


The Metal IBR tile and Glazed tile making machine designs:


The advantage of this Metal IBR tile and Glazed tile making machine:

  1. It can make any width IBR metal sheet sna glazed tiles separately. Only adjust the input the coil width then it can make related width sheet.
  2. For the stepnism, you can choose to use or not. When using, it make galzed tiles.

When not using, it can make IBR metal tiles.

  1. It takes very good hydraulic jacks for powerful shearing and stepping.
  2. All the poles have oil holes, by adding more oil, it can make themachine use long time.

At the leveling part, we will give manual cutter by which you can guide the coil to the right direction. And the manual cutter can help cut the coil at any length.

And at the leveling parts, it has two rubber rollers by which it can protect the surface of the coil perfectly.


Meanwhile here we design with the filming supporter, if you need to add the filming on the surface of the coil, it will be quite helpful.


We will give the protection cover for Metal IBR tile and Glazed tile making machine

, when machine working, it can protect the workers in some degree.

Meanwhile we will give the remotor, it can help you control the machine instead of PLC in some degree.