Metal Floor Deck Machine is for producing metal floor decking as per drawings. The thickness is 0.8-1.5mm as usual Zhongtuo metal deck roll forming machine is composed by 10 Ton Hydraulic Uncoiler with Coil Car, Roll Forming Machine Mill 2 parts for easy loading), Hydraulic shearing system, hydraulic Station ,controlled Box ( All electric elements conform to CE standard.)

Metal deck there are two many types, here I show me for example;

Metal deck roll forming machine design:


Metal deck roll forming machine Work Flow .

5T Hydraulic Decoiler-→Manual Pre-Cutter Device- + Feeding Guide Device-→Roll Forming System- >Hydraulic Post Cutter Device-→AUTO Exit Rack

Advantages of Metal Floor Deck Machine are as follows:

  • Floor decking sheet produced by this machine has the features of low cost , light weight buy high strength ,shorten building period and re-cycle use .
  • Save material with no waste
  • Easy operation , low maintenance cost
  • It is easy for installation.
Metal decking machineForming steps28 steps
Shaft diameter90mm
Design typeMiddle plate welded
Machine frame thickness20mm
Machine frame400# H steel welded
roller material45# steel, surface hard chromium plating.
shaft material45# steel
Work speed including shearing8-12m/min
TransportBy chains of 1.25mm
Power of main machine15kw

More details of the Metal deck roll forming machine:


How to test the metal decking quality?

Two pieces of metal decking overlapping.



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