High speed corrugated sheet roll forming mahcine

Advantages of the machine:

1.High speed:about 30m-35m/min.The speed is optional from 15m/min to 40m/min.

2.Electric cutter:the machine works high efficient

3.Mode of transmission:gearbox,the machine  works more steady and fast

4.Structure:Cast iron molding frame,it can increase the precision of the machine and increase the life-time of the machine.

Introduction of the whole line:






Manual/hydraulic Decoiler with loading car

1 set


Main roll former

1 set


Control system

1 set


Hydraulic system

1 set


Product table/auto stacker

1 set

2.Layout of the machine:

3.Technical specifications:

Part 1:Hydraulic decoiler with loading car

1.Capacity:5 tons

2.Coil width:1250mm

3.Coil inner diameter:450-550mm

4.Main motor power:5.5 kw

5.Hydraulic power:5.5 kw

6.Add press arm to keep the coil from loosing.

7.Add pneumatic braking system

8.Add the speed sensor to keep the decoiler’s speed match with the roll former

Part 2: Roll former

1.Roller station:18 station(according to profile drawing)

2.Roller material:45# steel with quenched treatment

3.Shaft diameter:80mm

4.Shaft material:45# steel with tempered

5.Transmission:by chain

6.Motor power:7.5kw*2sets

7.Machine frame:350H steel welded

8.Cutting type:Hydraulic cutting

9.Cutting blade material:Cr12 with quenched treatment

10.Cutting tolerance:+/-1mm

Part 3:

1.Language:Chinese,English,Spanish,Arabic ect

2.Control system:PLC

2.PLC brand:Siemens

3.Touch screen brand:Siemens

4.Button brand:Schneider

5.Encoder brand:Omron

6.Low voltage apparatus:Schneider

Part 4:Hydraulic system


2.With fan cooling device


4.Pressure:16 Mpa

5.Oil:46# hydraulic oil

Part 5:Auto stacker/manual receive table

1.Length:3 m-12m optional



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