Use Common Problems tile press

Use Common Problems tile press

The solution is to replace the impeller on the machine or sanding, we recommend the first method of comparison, and then impeller obstructions removed, we can solve the problem. Providing tile press common problems and solutions, it is a professional tile press common problems and solutions provider.
Tile press more and more important in the construction of the above buildings, cottage construction, building construction, construction of various buildings are inseparable from it. However, due to relatively easy solutions tile press caused by wear and tear, so there is always this or that problem to affect the normal production and manufacturing, so let’s introduce its recurring problems and problems after

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1, the machine swinging too big reason: Since the digging wheel wear is more wear and tear the place to be, so they would often wear a serious problem, if there is a serious problem of wear, it will cause impeller for obstructions .
2, idle too much resistance causes: material bearing on the inner seal having clogged Solution: The material bearing on the clog out, while checking whether there is a corresponding device material clogging.
3, bearing fever reasons: lack of oil bearing, bearing a fine entry, bearing damage Workaround: bearing lubrication, cleaning bearings or replace bearings.

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4, the expected product size is too large Cause: The belt is too loose, the nesting population adjustment unreasonable, impeller speed and other issues will affect the quality of the product, so we have to put the particles in a uniform quality of the product to get the raw material stirring time, so after the brick next step only after the proper particle density in order to achieve appropriate standards. Solution: Check the V-belt tension state to regulate the discharge port, the impeller speed, until the desired standard, use Notepad to record speed range to facilitate the proper use of the next.

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