Trapezoid roof roll forming machine

Trapezoid roof roll forming machine
The color steel trapezoid roof sheet made by the cold roll forming machine.It is use for building material,ware house,roof &wall and so on. It has been widely used,the features are light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient construction, earthquake resistance, fireproofing, rainproof, long life and maintenance-free.
Machine pictures:
Trapezoid roof roll forming machine - Trapezoid roof roll forming machine
Here are some drawings for you reference:
Trapezoid roof roll forming machine 1 300x239 - Trapezoid roof roll forming machine
Finished product made by our machine:
Trapezoid roof roll forming machine 2 225x300 - Trapezoid roof roll forming machine
Working Flow
Uncoiling→Feeding material into machine→Roll forming→Measuring length→ Step formed→ Auto cutting→Products receiving
Corrugated roll forming machine 3 300x82 - Trapezoid roof roll forming machine
Components of production line
No. Name Unit Qty
1 Manual decoiler set 1
2 Main forming machine set 1
3 PLC control system set 1
4 Hydraulic pump station set 1
5 Post cut set 1
6 Electric motor set 1
7 Output table set 1
Un-coiler System
Usage: It is used to support the steel coil and uncoil it in a turntable way.
Passive uncoil pulled by roll forming system
Loading capacity Uncoiling width Inner diameter
5 T 1250 mm 450-550 mm
Corrugated roll forming machine 4 - Trapezoid roof roll forming machine
Coil feeding part
Usage: Put the raw material(steel plate) through the beach to manufacture and process,it can guarantee that the products are neat, parallel and everything is uniformity.Please refer to the equipment regulation to know the function of locate angle iron.

Corrugated roll forming machine 5 300x169 - Trapezoid roof roll forming machine
Forming device
Usage: In order to keep the product shape and precision, adopts welded sheet structure, motor reducer drive, chain transmission,roller was chromed which can keep the molding plate surface smooth and not easy to be marked when it is working
Feature : Ensure stability , precision and lifetime.
Main parameter for 840roll forming machine:
Size of the main part: about
6500 х 1850 х 1500
Weight of main part:3tons
Voltage: 380 V/50 HZ 3 Phase or as your required
Roller fixer : middle plate
Frame :350 mm 工 beam steel welded
Drive mode: motor
Material of rollers: 45# steel, surface hard chromium plating.
Material of shafts: 45# steel
Diameter of shafts: φ 80 mm
Number of rollers : 11rollers
Main power:4 kw
Cutting device
Advanced hydraulic drive, automatic punching and cutting after forming, no distorting or wasting, high level safety factor.
(include cutting tools, hydraulic tank, cutter machine)
Blade Material Cutting system
Cr12 quenched Full automatic
One counter gauges length, pulses, and decides length. Omron encoder for length measurement.
Products receiving tables
1. It adopts welded steel and supported roller to transmit the products.
2. 3*0.9*0.6 m
Controlling device
1.Adopted PLC, transducer, touch panel from Delta Taiwan to ensure high speed with
stability, precision and lifetime.
2.Other electric element are Delta
3.Equipped with movable switch, air break, radiator, transformer & electric leakage protector for operation convenience and safety.
Screen PLC
Text screen displayer Taida DVP14ES from Taiwan
(include a set of hydraulic tank , a set of hydraulic oil pump, two hydraulic pipes. And two sets of electromagnetism valves )
Orgin Power
Advanced hydraulic system from Taiwan 3 kw

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