Tile roofing sheet

If you are looking for an attractive yet economical roof for your property, choose our tile roofing sheet.  Suitable for roofs with a pitch above 10 degrees and even useable on vertical surfaces, our tile roofing sheets are a highly versatile roofing option that will bring many, many years of reliable service.

There are some drawing profiles that you can choose

tile drawing profile 288x300 - Tile roofing sheet

Unique and exciting option for clients who wish to have the ‘Tile Roof’ look with the practicality and economy. Available in any length required and in the full range of required colours.

Tile roofing sheet is a premium roofing profile from Classecon that has the appearance of tiles but the strength and light weight advantage of steel. It is available in a range of colours, various thicknesses and is a lightweight, durable and beautiful product that is ideal for the most discerning user.

Here is a tile roofing sheet making machine

There is only one but key difference between a metal glazed roof tile and a regular metal roof panel: Steps! Generally speaking, a regular metal roof panel with steps is called a metal glazed roof tile! Therefore the key difference between a regular metal roof panel roll forming machine and a glazed tile roofing sheet roll forming machine lies at this situation that there is an extra hydraulic pressing equipment on a step tile roll forming machine to press steps on the roll formed roof panels.

glazed tile roofing sheet machine 副本 300x290 - Tile roofing sheet

Here is  a video about this machine you can check

Please feel free to send your requirements to us at any time  about this machine. We will customize the machine according to your detail requirements.

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