zt-900 tile roll forming machine main

zt-900 tile roll forming machine main structural features:

1, simple structure, beautiful appearance, since the machine uses steel structure, the overall welding process, it is simple and reasonable structure, strong deposit load capacity, smooth and reliable operation.
2, using high-quality equipment roller 45 forged steel precision manufacturing, the hard chrome plated, roll to achieve high surface hardness, smooth, sheet metal forming surface no damage results.
3, roller 45 steel after quenching, in order to improve the strength, hardness and other mechanical properties of the shaft.
4, electrical control system the main components imported from Japan Mitsubishi.
5, the use of automatic fixed-length cutting shape, length precise positioning, plate-shaped head and tail neat appearance.
6, equipment, low noise, high efficiency.

IMG 1522 300x225 - zt-900 tile roll forming machine main
zt-900 tile roll forming machine pressure plate connected to break the traditional roofing screw gun connected practice installation methods Cai Lan port 45 degree snap to install, make roofing better.
This equipment includes: machine, PLC computer control system, special cutting system, hydraulic system Professional
1, equipment installation Dimensions: 4800mm * 1330mm * 900mm
2, Weight: 2.3 tons
3, forming shaft: diameter 65mm 45 # quenched
4, forming wheel: Material 45 # forged hard chromium plating
5, the host base: 250 # channel
6, forming the channel number: 9 rows
7, the rotation method: sprocket chain
8, the electronic control system: The whole machine adopts industrial computer PLC control
9, the host power: 3kw Computer Cut Power: 3kw
10, working speed: 8000mm / min
11, hydraulic pressure: 10-12MPa
12, the feed thickness: 0.25-0.8mm
13, the feed width: 1000mm
14, the effective coverage area: 900mm spacing: 225mm Depth: 15mm
15, power supply: 380V 50HZ
16, use: wall panels
17, after-sales service: one year warranty
18. Installation: free installation

The parameter of the 900 tile roll forming machine is the one of type.We can according to you information to send you another parameter.

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