Roof Sheet Making Machine

Color steel Roll Forming Machine, roofing sheet rolling forming machine or some one called IBR sheet making machine. all those names are refer to the machines which take cold rolling forming principle to make roofing sheets in batch and fully automatic. All those sheets are used for AD board, roofing sheet, wall panel and others.

Here I will take a random drawing profile for example to show you how those machine designed and works.

clip image002 thumb 1 - Roof Sheet Making Machine

clip image0025 thumb - Roof Sheet Making Machine

Note: how to differ one drawing with another,, generally from appearance, you can tell one from another. If they are similar, how to tell. Normally we check wave height, wave distance, and how many waves, the sheet have. And then you can make sure the input coil width is how wide. And the after rolling forming, how about the valid width.

Now let us check some finished products pictures to feel the difference:

image thumb - Roof Sheet Making Machine

Based on those above roofing sheet, the machine will be designed like following:

201725657 thumb - Roof Sheet Making Machine