Structural roof deck production line

Our structural roof deck production line can make roof deck in batch fully automatic. As popular building material, structural roof deck products are widely used in power plants,  auto showrooms, steel structure plants. What’s more, cement warehouses, steel structure offices, airport terminal buildings, railway stations, stadiums, concert halls, big theaters, large supermarkets, logistics centers, and Olympic venues. Stadiums and other steel structures.

A drawing profile and finished product of roof deck

deck sheet 副本 300x300 - Structural roof deck production line

floor deck 300x98 - Structural roof deck production line

Some parameters of structural roof deck machine

Feeding width: 1250 mm
Material thickness: 0.8-1.2 mm
Roll station: 28 stations
Motor power: 22 + 5.5 kw
Productivity: 15 m/min
Machine weight: 10.5 tons

Machine picture of structural roof deck machine

IMG 1465 300x225 - Structural roof deck production line

Main features of structural roof deck machine

1: Accommodate the requirements of the rapid construction of the main steel structure. In addition it can provide a firm working platform in a short time.  And can use multiple floors to lay pressured steel plate, layered pouring concrete construction of the water flow.
2: The use of floor slabs as tensile reinforcements for concrete slabs in the use stage also increases the stiffness of the slabs, saving the amount of steel and concrete used.
3: The surface of the embossed plate results in the greatest binding force between the fascia and the concrete. So that the two form an integral body and are provided with stiffening ribs, so that the fascia system has a high-strength bearing capacity.

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