Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine

The archaistic tile sheet is rolled and pressed by the WLTM series modular tile sheet roll forming machine,it has many features,such as good appearance,primitive simiplicity and elegance,unique style,noblest grade,and etc. It is widely used in garden style factories,scenic resorts,pavilions,hotels,villas,exhibition halls,country clubs,and so on for outdoor decorations.
WLTM series modular tile sheet roll forming machine consists of uncoiler and its base,infeed guides,fixed position driven forming stations,pressing die,shearing device,hydraulic station,PLC control console and so on.Our company has dozens of profile models for this series roll forming machine,such as WLTM25-183-1100,WLTM25-183-1100,WLTM28-207-828,and etc.We can design different kinds of profile and fittings for machine,as per customers’ requirement.

b1 300x149 - Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine
Working Flow
Uncoiling-Sheet Guiding-Roll Forming-Pressing-Measuring Length&Shearing-Sheet to Support Table

b2 300x58 - Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine
Main Technical Parameters

Model WLTM
Material Type Pre-painted steel sheet
Thickness 0.3-0.7
Yield stress 230-300
Max.Forming Speed 2-3
Roller material 45#steel with chrome treatment
Roller driven type chain transmission
Controller PLC
Operation Touch screen and button
Hydraulic system pressure 12
Hydraulic station motor power 5.5
Main motor power 5.5
Total Power 11
Total weight About 8000

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