Steel tile equipment computer control system

Steel tile equipment computer control system operation as follows:

1, pump control switch to start and stop the pump. Before the operation, please open the pump to provide pressure hydraulic system. After the pump operation, should pay attention to the direction of the arrow and is consistent pump running direction. If not, set the pump motor in three-phase power at any two for each other.

2, forward and reverse through the inverter control panel is positive and negative running, its speed can be high / low speed switch on the control panel. Be sure to put the speed switch to the high speed automatic operation.

Controlling system - Steel tile equipment computer control system

3, the next cut, the back button is to control the operation of the cutter. If you press the cut, the back button are invalid, the general should consider whether the hydraulic oil tank is too low, should be given no supplemental hydraulic oil tank. Also cutter cut and return process, meet in front of the limit switch will automatically stop running.

4, when the first piece of rolling again, please do not open the pump, in order to avoid losses due to incorrect length. The first piece of rolling finished, press the reset button, and then use a ruler to measure the actual length, the general case, the first piece of rolling out the length of the user-defined error, the error adjustment [cut] on the panel after button and the [Back] button to complete the first block cutting.

When the length and the actual length of the display has a fixed bias, the user can adjust the following method: pour such as: set the length of 2000mm, the actual length is 1998mm, the length to 2002mm can be set so that the actual the length is still 2000mm.

Double layer roofing sheet roll forming machine 300x210 - Steel tile equipment computer control system

5, the drive is the computer control system is a very important component, the user can not operate. But also to prevent rain.

6, automatic operation, For temporary parking, press [OK] key. The system has been rolled out to pause and remember the length, if re-run, you can press the [OK] key.

In operation, if press [Reset] key has been rolled out of the board will not be long memories, need to [schedule] in a set.

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