Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine

Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine

We offering finest quality Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine to clients. This is the fastest machine on the market. The newly servo drive punch simultaneously advances and punches with accuracy as the material continually moves through the machine. Not only does this considerably increase the speed of the roll forming machine, but also increases the life of the equipment tools.

DSC00511 300x169 - Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine

De coiler 2 ton cap.
Entry Gate with
Roll Forming Line with 9 station, 1 Gear Boxes & 3H.P. electrical.
Control Panel semi auto
Cutting Unit
Technical Specifications : (Plate body)
Maximum sheet width that can be formed : 175mm
Maximum sheet thickness in CRCA Strips that can be formed : 1 mm
Vertical distance between shafts : 80 mm
Horizontal distance between shafts : 175mm
Number of forming stations : 9 nos.
Vertical station : 7 nos.
Total HP for Line : 3(ABB)
Speed of the machine : 4mt/minute
Size of machine : 1600 x 800 x 1100 mm

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