Sandwich Panel Production Line

Sandwich Panel Production Line
sandwich panel production line consists of single level roll forming machine,composite equipment and cutting equipment,it integrates the technology of cold roll and compositing,this product line can make composted corrugated roof sandwich panel at a time.It also can make wall sandwich panel. the core material can be chosen Polystyrene(EPS)and rock wool. The roll forming machine and composite equipment can separately produce.
We can design different kinds of profile and fittings for machine,as per customers’ requirements.

Sandwich Panel Production Line 300x225 - Sandwich Panel Production Line
Working flow:
Uncoiling-Roll Forming-Pre-cutting(if needed)-Heating-Glue Scratching-EPS Feediong-Compositing-Measuring Length&Shearing-Sheet to support table

Steel floor decking roll forming machine 1 300x83 - Sandwich Panel Production Line
Main technical parameters

Suitable face material Color steel sheet
Suitable core material EPS EPS EPS、ROCK WOOL
(m/min)Max.Forming speed 1-3Inverter adjustment
Best working temperature  about 25degree
Controller PLC
Operation Touch screen and button
(KW)Total Power 42Including heating motorpower
(kg)Total Weight about22000 about22000 about 25000
(mm)Total size(Length*Width*Height) 40000*3600*3300 40000*3600*3300 45000*3600*3300

Finished product pictures:

Sandwich panel

Sandwich Panel Production Line 1 300x116 - Sandwich Panel Production Line

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