Roofing panel machine

The roofing panel machine is rolled or cold-rolled strip steel, metal plate, galvanized plate, color steel as raw materials. Light metal profiles of different section shapes are obtained by bending at room temperature.  There are many types roofing panels used in houses, offices, warehouses,  workshops and cars panel.

The main body of roofing panel machine without welding, all the use of cast steel, the whole machine will not produce stress and lead to the host body deformation.

11 1 - Roofing panel machine

High quality rollers of roofing panel machine can produce not only beautiful but also high quality profile. That will satisfy your customers. And its working process is so easy to learn.

liuchengtu - Roofing panel machine

Features of roofing panel machine:

1.Take advanced method to make sure machine quality.
2.More options to make different types roofing sheet.
3.Smart machine and economical option.
4.Long time to us.


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