Metal Floor Decking Machinery

Metal floor decking machinery is used to make metal floor decking in batch. Which are widely used in all kinds of large-scale steel construction. It has high strength, low weight, so it is popular in the construction. We also show some detail information so that you can know more about the machine. If you want to other data, please feel free to contact with us.

1. Drawing profile of metal floor decking

metal floor decking 300x172 - Metal Floor Decking Machinery

2. Metal floor decking machinery

floor deck roll forming machine 300x219 - Metal Floor Decking Machinery

Finished product:

  1. thickness: 0.8-1.2 mm
  2. materil width: 914-1250 mm
  3. effective width: 750-1000 mm
  4. material steel: galvanized steel coil

Machine specification:

  1. dimensions: 14500*1600*1400 mm
  2. structure: middle plate
  3. working speed: 15 m/min
  4. roller stations: 26
  5. roller material:GCr 15
  6. shaft materil: 80 mm
  7. cutter materil: Cr12
  8. cutting system: hydraulic
  9. control system: PLC

 3. the working flow of the machine

chart of floor decking machinery 300x91 - Metal Floor Decking Machinery

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