Hydraulic automatic uncoiler

The hydraulic automatic uncoiler is a special equipment for metal plate leveling. It is used for leveling steel plates and uneven plates. It can be used to form unwinding, leveling, shearing production lines and other plate production lines according to relevant configurations. Bosch billion is suitable for machinery, vehicles, metal products, household appliances, steel structures, decoration and other industries.

uncoiler 300x200 - Hydraulic automatic uncoilerhydraulic automatic uncoiler 300x220 - Hydraulic automatic uncoiler

The hydraulic automatic uncoiler mandrel is connected with four sector plates through inclined dovetail grooves on four end faces. Each of which is prevented from axially swaying by a radial slide at the trailing end, but can be expanded and contracted in the radial direction. . A rotary oil cylinder is connected to the end of the reel shaft, and the cylinder piston rod drives the front end quadrangular axis to axially slide through the rod at the center of the reel shaft, thereby driving the fan plate to radially expand and contract. The roll can be increased in nominal diameter by means of an additional four sector plates.

The fully automatic hydraulic uncoiler frame can be moved on the guide rail of the machine base and driven by the hydraulic cylinder to achieve central position control. In order to enhance the stability of the reel, a support arm device is designed on the head of the reel. When there is a steel coil on the reel, the support arm is driven by the oil cylinder to support the reel head, and the support arm is normally retracted without affecting. The coil is rolled up.
Main technical parameters of hydraulic automatic unwinding machine:
Motor power: 4KW
Dimensions: 4000x850x1800mm
Machine weight: 3.5T

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