Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine-valid width 1000

Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine with the valid width 1000mm and the input coil width 1200mm. With small waves and 3D pressing shape effect, the glazed tiles can make your roofing sheet more beautiful. Here is the glazed tile drawing profile for your reference:

clip image002 thumb 1 - Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine-valid width 1000

image thumb - Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine-valid width 1000

For this type glazed tile rolling forming machine, it can process the following type material:

1.1 Coil material:PPGI,GI
1.2 Coil material thickness:0.4mm- 0.6mm
1.3 Product Input width:1200mm
1.4 pitch of wave is 300mm

Same with other roofing sheet rolling forming machines, it is composed by the following elements: hydraulic decoiler or manual, leveling beach, roll forming machine, shearing machine, PLC and hydraulic station. The following part will show you more detail information:

Forming device
4.1 Material of main shaft: fine quality 45# steel finishing machining and then slack quench processed, outer diameter 80mm         
4.2 Material of roller:45# steel finish machining, plated hard chromium surface
4.3 Roller Station:14 stations             
4.4Chains transport                      
4.5working speed :0-7m/min              
4.6Main motor power:4.4KW servo motor   
4.7Driving mode:  single chain 1 inch      
Hydraulic Cutting device
5.1 Hydraulic Station :1set
5.2 Electrical hydraulic station power:7.5 KW
5.3 Hydraulic station pressure: 25MPa     
5.4Hydraulic cutter                       
5.5Blade material: Cr12Mov steel with quenched treated 58-62℃
5.6Cutting system: advanced hydraulic drive, automatic cutting after forming, no distorting or wasting, high level safety factor。        
6.Electrical control system   
6.1 Electrical control system:computer PLC control
6.2 encoder used Omron brand                
6.3 Transducer: Japan Panasonic              
6.4 Core shape size:9000×1700×1200 mm    
6.5 Automatic length measurement            
6.6 Automatic quantity measurement          
6.7 Computer is used to control length and quantity. Machine will automatically cut to length and stop when required quantity is achieved

The following the machine pictures for your reference:

clip image0024 thumb 1 - Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine-valid width 1000

For this machine, if you want to know more information, please contact us at any time.

namecard thumb - Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine-valid width 1000

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