Glazed roof tile for building

Glazed roof tile has become a popular building material. It is made of high-quality ore raw materials, which are screened and pulverized, high-pressure molded and fired at high temperature. It has the advantages of high strength, good flatness, low water absorption, anti-folding, anti-freezing, acid resistance, alkali resistance, never fading, and so on. It is widely used in industrial and civil buildings such as factories, houses, hotels, villas, etc., and its styling is diverse, glazed, simple, colorful, environmentally friendly and durable, and won the respect of architectural masters. It is also has many characters to meet the different requirements. We also can customize the glazed roof tile making machine according to your real needs.

Some types glazed roof tile

tile drawing profile 288x300 - Glazed roof tile for building

Features of glazed roof tile

fireproof, waterproof, environmental protection and no toxicity, at the same time it is resistant against acid, alkali and aging. This product can be nailed,  planed, sawed and sticked. In view of that its fireproofing grade is A, so our product will not be combustible when  the fire is 800-1000°C. At the same time, when our product is fell into the water for a week, there are not the following phenomenon such as chalking, deformation and warp. In light of there is not glue in the raw materials,  so there is not formaldehyde and benzene for our boards.Rich color and never fading.


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