Galvanized steel corrugated panels

Galvanized steel corrugated panels are trusted by professionals and homeowners for a variety of applications. This durable and lightweight panel is ideal for roofing and siding, but also has many other uses including: privacy fencing, back splashes, ceilings, wainscoting and craft projects. The distinctive galvanized finish will stand up to all kinds of weather and can be painted or aged for a variety of interesting visual effects. Corrugated panels are easily cut with shears and being light weight makes them easy to use and transport.

Some drawing profiles and pictures of the galvanized steel corrugated panels

Corrugated roll forming machine 1 300x98 - Galvanized steel corrugated panels

Roof and Wall Corrugated Shee 1 300x164 - Galvanized steel corrugated panels

Features of galvanized steel corrugated panels

  • Low-maintenance product that is known for durability
  • Light weight for ease of use or transport; cuts easily with common aviation snips
  • Corrugated panels will not rot, mildew or warp and can form an effective pesticide-free barrier against termites and other insects
  • Non-combustible; resistance to fire increases your security and may result in lower insurance premiums
  • Corrugated panels are a good choice for the environment; after a long service life corrugated panels are still 100% recyclable
  • 29-Gauge thickness, recommended for roof slopes of 3/12 pitch or greater
  • 21-1/2 in. roof coverage or 24 in. siding coverage
  • Cuts easily with standard tin snips

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Corrugated roll forming machine 7 300x225 - Galvanized steel corrugated panels

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