Function steel tile equipment and the correct use of square

Function steel tile equipment and the correct use of square

Steel tile equipment refers to the use of cold-rolled steel plate rolling process on color molding machinery, the main products are: Kok Chi tile press, glazed tile equipment, double glazed equipment, C, Z-beam machine, color steel composite board machine and other mechanical products. Following a brief function steel tile equipment:

IMG 1173 300x225 - Function steel tile equipment and the correct use of square
a, tile press detection section: detecting color steel tile length encoder, pressure-type upper and lower limit switch, upper and lower limit switch cutter, presses down the operation button, the cutter up and down stroke push button, emergency stop switch hydraulic start-stop switch and so on.
b, tile press must use a high number of pulses input function, KDN-K306-24AR the high number of input performance, strong anti-interference ability to choose AB phase. And by setting the interrupt function, to ensure accuracy.
c, PLC selection KDN-K3 series KDN-K306-24AR. It comes with 14 inputs / 10 relay outputs, just to meet the input and output requirements. Coupled KDN text screen, you can complete the parameter setting, alarm display, help information, production data, and so on. Operative tile press have inverter drive motor, hydraulic motor, two-pressure hydraulic solenoid valves, two hydraulic cutter solenoid valves.
Steel tile steel tile press equipment production times is widely used in building materials industry, steel tile for the proper use of equipment, the following pressure-watt Botou City, Mong Machinery Co., Ltd. to find out more about the matter in the course Note:

IMG 1175 225x300 - Function steel tile equipment and the correct use of square
◆ color steel tile press before starting the first inspection equipment, electrical equipment is intact, promptly cut off the power when not in use.
◆ During operation, prohibiting inward depth shovel or other items.
◆ operator when steel tile mechanical inspection to cut off power to ensure safe operating environment.
◆ ensure that each mixing time of not less than 120s, with condiments in proportion, and make a stirring record.
◆ non-operators are not free to operate.
◆ After use, turn off the power in time and clean up the interior, side impact next normal use.

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