915 for floor roll forming machine equipment

915 for floor roll forming machine equipment
Equipment Overall Length: 10.5 * 1.4 * 1.2m
Version Type Width: 750 effective width expanded width one meter peak from the peak height 50mm 250mm
Reduction mechanism: Planetary cycloid reducer.
Transmission: 1.5-inch chain drive
Equipment base: 400 No. H-beam upright plate: 18mm
Shaft diameter material: solid shaft axis ¢ 90 Material 45 # steel quenched HB220-250,6214 bearing bore ¢ 70,
Pressure wheel word count: 20
Material and Processing: Gcr15 bearing steel pressure roller is fine, polished hard chrome plating 0.05mm, shaft and hole with no loose clearance version frontal side pits.
Host power: 11KW + 11KW three-phase / 6-pole / 380V and inverter.
Hydraulic power: 5.5KW
Off mode: hydraulic cutting power 5.5KW, the two cylinders 125, blade Cr12 quenching, Rc62, without flash.
Forming part: roll forming system consists of frame, transmission parts and roll forming roller and other components. Seiko divided type wheel rotational molding, shaping effect, reducing the friction between the wheels and raw materials, debugging convenient, fast.
Equipment weight 9.5T

Floor decking roll forming machine 1 300x255 - 915 for floor roll forming machine equipment
The aircraft production for floor plates for floor floor panel with high peaks, high strength characteristics, and high degree of automation, low cost.
The machine produced steel floor plate shape simple wave of large, high-intensity, laid back spot welding steel mesh and concrete poured on-site when combined installation, good adhesion.

Floor decking roll forming machine 2 300x225 - 915 for floor roll forming machine equipment
In high-rise buildings on both dispensed with steel template and can reduce the floor bearing, in the capacity to achieve the same premise, so that the project to reduce the amount of steel, from saving investment.
It consists discharge machine, feed import platform, forming the host, punching device, forming cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control cabinet composed of several parts.
Optional equipment ordinary discharge, hydraulic discharge machine.

Floor decking roll forming machine1 300x239 - 915 for floor roll forming machine equipment


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