Floor decking roll forming machine

Floor decking roll forming machine
The raw material of floor decking is galvanized steel, through cold roll forming, the plate changed to v shape, u shape, a ladder or a combination of several shapes, then mainly used to make permanent formwork composite slab or concrete slab.

floor deck roll forming machine - Floor decking roll forming machine
Here are some drawing pics :

Production process of Metal Floor Deck Sheet Panel Roll Forming Machine
Uncoiling→Feeding material into machine→Roll forming→Measuring length→Step formed→ Auto cutting→Products receiving

b2 300x58 - Floor decking roll forming machine

Floor decking roll forming machine 300x300 - Floor decking roll forming machine
Main parameters

configurations Hydraulic decoiler, guiding platform, main machine of roll forming, cutting device, electric motor, hydraulic station, Delta PLC control system, run out table


Raw material S350 & S450 grade steel or galvanized coil
Thickness 0.5-1.25mm


Decoiler with loading car

Inner Diameter:450-550mm Expand by Hydraulic motor
Outer Diameter: max 1500mm
Max Coil width:1250mm
Capacity: 10T
Leveing beach For making coil neat and clean from decoiler, coil will be a little cruve.

Meanwhile for saving coil, we will give motor shearing system to cut coil at any part.

Main Forming


Forming steps 28 steps
Shaft diameter 90mm
Design type Middle plate welded
Machine frame thickness 20mm
Machine frame 400# H steel welded
roller material 45# steel, surface hard chromium plating.
shaft material 45# steel
Work speed including shearing 8-12m/min
Transport By chains of 1.25mm
Power of main machine 15kw
Shearing system Type of cutting power Hydraulic
Elements Two hydraulic jacks for fast shearing speed
Frame Pillar pole type to make sure working steady
Cutting blade material Gcr12, quenching at 58 to 62 degree to make sure hardness and long time to use.
Cutting tolerance ±1mm
Cutter blade more pair We will give one more as spare part
Cutter quantity 2 set
Working pressure 20 MPA


Hydraulic oil 46#
Hydraulic power 4kw
Cutting length As required
Brand Japan Youyan series
No distorting or wasting. High level safety factor.

Control Device

control By PLC
PLC language English and or others (or as required)
Touch screen 4.7Inch
Function Automatic length and quantity measurement
Brand Mitsubishi

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