Floor decking roll forming machine

The floor decking roll forming machine is mainly composed of a uncoiler, a feeding introduction platform, main forming machine, a cutting device, a hydraulic station, a computer control cabinet and so on. The optional equipment is equipped with a common uncoiler and a hydraulic uncoiler.

Take a picture of floor decking roll forming machine for your check.

steel floor decking 300x244 - Floor decking roll forming machinesteel decking roll forming machine 300x300 - Floor decking roll forming machine

The steel floor deck produced by the floor decking roll forming machine is simple in shape, large in wave width and high in strength. It is combined with concrete on-site watering after placing the spot welded steel mesh at the time of installation, and the adhesion is good. In the high-rise building, the steel formwork can be omitted and the floor load can be reduced. Under the premise of achieving the same bearing capacity, the amount of engineering steel can be reduced, thereby saving investment.

In the design of high-rise steel structures, steel-concrete composite structures are often used. In high-rises with high seismic intensity or irregularity, the core tube and outer frame form of unfavorable earthquake resistance should not be selected solely for the economy. The surrounding giant src column should be selected, and the core is the structural system of the supporting frame. More than half of these high-level countries in China are the former. It is not good for earthquakes resistence. In the light steel industrial plant, when there is a large suspension load or moving load, it is considered to abandon the portal frame and use the grid. In areas with large snow pressure, the roof curve should be conducive to the snow falling, and the areas with large rainfall are similarly considered. When the building allows, it is better to arrange the support in the frame than the simple node just connected. In a building with a large roof covering span, a suspension or cable-membrane structure system in which the member is mainly pulled can be selected.

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