The features of cold roll forming machine

The industry of cold roll forming machine has a large development nowadays. It has so many features that more and more people like to use it. I will introduce them to you in the followings.

The features of cold roll forming machine

1. Reasonable cross-section shape and good mechanical properties

The finished product of cold roll forming machine has better cross-section characteristics. Compared with the hot-rolled steel with the same cross-sectional area, the radius of gyration can be increased by 50%~60%. And the moment of inertia of the section and the resistance moment of the section can be increased by 50%~180%. In addition, the finished product of cold roll forming machine can improve its strength due to the cold-bending effect of the material after cold working. Therefore, the cold-formed steel structural member has the advantages of reasonable cross-sectional shape, large overall rigidity, good stress performance and high bearing capacity. Cold-formed steel is most suitable for drawing and pressing components, which can make full use of material properties, reduce its own weight and save steel.

2. Light weight, steel province, saving energy and resources

Light weight is the most important feature of cold-formed steel. According to statistics, cold-formed steel has achieved good economic benefits in applications such as construction, machinery manufacturing, transportation, automobile manufacturing and shipbuilding. The quality of the cold-formed steel structure used in the construction industry is only 0.5~0.7 of the ordinary steel structure, which also reduces the design internal force of the structure, reduces the processing requirements of the foundation and the foundation, saves the basic cost and facilitates the construction. The soft soil area is particularly evident. Saving steel, it also saves the iron ore, fuel and various auxiliary materials needed to produce this part of the steel, while eliminating the energy needed to mine and process these materials.

3. Flexible forming method and easy installation

Cold-formed steel is machined at room temperature, opening up new avenues to improve material availability primarily by optimizing cross-sectional shapes rather than simply relying on improved materials or increased material usage. This forming method has great flexibility, and can produce profiles of any cross section according to design requirements. The length, width and thickness can be arbitrarily selected, and thin-walled steel which is difficult to produce by hot rolling can be produced. Can be placed according to the design requirements, reduce component joints, easy to connect nodes, construction and installation is simple. At present, cold-formed steel structures have become increasingly popular in the construction industry.

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