Double steel tile machine equipment

Double steel tile machine equipment

1.YX840 / 900 double steel tile machine equipment technical parameters
Motor power: 5.5kw
Hydraulic power: 2.2kw
Forming passes: 840 14/900 8
Feed plate width: 1000mm
Effective Width: 840 / 900mm
Plate thickness: 0.3-0.6mm
Roll speed: 20-25m / min

2.YX840 / 900 double steel tile machine package delivery
Packing: Simple protective film packaging factory
Delivery time: 30 days

Double Layer Roofing Roll Forming Machine 300x225 - Double steel tile machine equipment

3. The role of color plate
1, industrial plants, warehouses: color steel mainly used in industrial plants, warehouses and roof facade.
2, public buildings: the main color plate can be used in a large space is required for public buildings roof and exterior walls, such as: airports, railway stations and the terminal waiting hall, gymnasium and theater, the auditorium
3, the combination of housing: with color plate to build a combination of housing has been widely used, with the overall quality of light, the combination of flexible, convenient construction, without re-decoration, and a series of easy disassembly move a little.

4.YX840 / 900 double steel tile machine features:
YX840 / 900 Roof double machine, computer control system, automatic production, one machine to ensure that no wrinkles plate, overlapping seamless, saving machine display space, cost savings, easy to carry, feed inlet specially designed hand pull shearing blade, waste reduction, automatic production, saving labor costs and improve productivity

The double steel tile machine can be cal double layer roofing roll forming machine

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