The debugging of color steel roll forming machine

Now color steel plate are most used in many places. But there are many problems of production line of the color steel roll forming machine. The most common problem is the deviation of color steel plates. I will give you some advice in the following to make the color steel roll forming machine work well.

roof tile roll forming machine 300x300 - The debugging of color steel roll forming machineroof tile forming machine 300x300 - The debugging of color steel roll forming machine

Once the deviation occurs, it will affect the production efficiency of the machine and the product qualification rate. Therefore, we must Knowing how to correct these mistakes. After a long period of research and exploration, we have come up with a way to adjust this problem. If the equipment board runs to the right, you need to use the iron pad to the left corner. Or the right roller Flatten, the first few axes are flattened and the first few shafts are flattened. The upper roller should be consistent with the lower roller. If it is flattened, the bottom should also be flattened. The uniformly symmetrical roller cannot be changed. .

If it still doesn’t work, first adjust the four corners of the front and rear rows of the color steel tile presser from the big frame to the height of the upper end of the shaft, and then find a line from the first row to the last row. Straighten, check if the lower shaft is on a horizontal line, and adjust the left and right sides of the lower shaft to level.

Find the symmetry point in the first row and the last row of the color steel roll forming machine, then fasten the locks on both sides, pull a straight line in front of and behind the center of the middle runner, and adjust the gap between the upper and lower shafts. The machine can be adjusted in a straight line. In fact, the remedy for the deviation of the board is that we need to produce and test it for a long time. Different reversal directions have different remedies.

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