corrugated steel sheeting roll making machine

corrugated steel sheeting roll making machine

Bending precision: the maximum profile deviations (dimensions and shape) shall not exceed the tolerances specified as following data (or equivalent tolerances);
Bending quality: ability to bend the profiles of the specified configuration at the specified maximum steel thickness; cracking of the steel or metal coating is not permitted for all required steel grades;
Maximum production speed: not less than 15 metres per minute (excluding cutting);
Material: 0.3-0.8mm, GI or clor steel, yelid strength: 195-235Mpa;
If you have your own special requirements,our machine can be also customized.

12 300x212 - corrugated steel sheeting roll making machine
Main Features
1) Material of the profile: GI or color steel
2) Thickness range: 0.3-0.8mm
3) Main motor power:5.5kw, AC motor, motor inside of main machine (Brand: Guomao of China) (according the final design)
4) Machine Voltage, Frequency, Phase: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase
5) Roll station: about 18 stations (according the final design)
6) Roller material:ASTM1045 chrome plated surface with chrome,CNC,
7) Shaft diameter: ¢76mm material: SAE1045 with quenching and tempering
8) Machine roll forming speed:not less than 15m/min
9) Transmission: by chain, one inch, single line
10) Roll former has leveling bolts in the base for adjust the leveling
11) Machine base frame adopt H beam welding steel
12) In the main roll forming machine have 2 buttons for urgency stop if happen any malfunction.
13) Machine adopt new station to make machine more strong
14) To avoid accidents,all of drive part adopt protect cover
15) Color of machine: Blue and yellow (or base on customer request)

11 300x68 - corrugated steel sheeting roll making machine

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