Corrugated sheet roll forming machine

Corrugated sheet roll forming machine is a common metal roll forming equipment that produces corrugated Metal Roofing and Siding Panels. In our daily life we we can see many fans of corrugated metal sheets.

Made of various metals and alloys steel, corrugated metal sheets have been popular for so many years. The most common materials are pre-painted steel, galvanized steel, Alu-zinc steel, and CR steel. People tend to use the sheets for residential ,commercial, industrial as well as agricultural buildings.

So many people like to use corrugated metal roofing and siding sheets, why? The answer is simple! Compared to traditional clay tiles, stone or brick cladding, corrugated sheets give a traditional look, yet weigh lighter and have longer life circle. In fact, corrugated sheet roofing is the only cladding that should be used in conservation areas.

To sum up, there are regular corrugated sheet roll forming machine and special usage corrugated sheet machine.

Brief Introduction of Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine:

corrugated sheet roll forming machine makes metal roofing and siding panels from the materials of  0.3-0.8 mm thickness. Most importantly, the corrugated sheet roll forming machine line can work both automatically and manually.

Input width:1000/1320/1450 mm

Material thickness: 0.3*0.8 mm

Roll station: 12/14/17 stations

Motor power: 5.5 +3 kw

Productivity: 0-12 m/min

Machine weight: about 4.3 tons

corrugated sheet roll forming machine 300x300 - Corrugated sheet roll forming machine

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