corrugated metal roofing making machine

corrugated metal roofing making machine

1. corrugated metal roofing making machine Components:
1. Decoiler
2. Coil sheet guiding and adjusting equipment
3. Film covered device(optional)
4. Main roll forming system
5. Hydraulic pump station
6. PLC control system
7. Cutting device
8. Run-out table
2.corrugated metal roofing making machine Work flow:
Decoiling the sheet—-sheet guilding—-film covering(option)—-roll forming—-PLC controlling—-hydraulic cutting—-receiving the finished panel

Fully automatic roofing sheet making machine 1 - corrugated metal roofing making machine
3.corrugated metal roofing making machine Technical Parameters:

No. Main parameter
1 Suitable to process Galvanized/Aluminum/Color steel sheet
2 Width of plate 1250mm
3 Thickness of plate 0.3-0.8mm
4 Rollers High grade 45# steel, with hard chrome plating
5 Forming steps 16
6 Sprocket chain 1.5 inch
7 Pump station power 4kw
8 Shaft 75mm, high grade 45# steel, heat treatment
9 Hydraulic oil pump CB-E310
10 Weight About 5.0 tons
11 Productivity 8-12m/min
12 Cutting head Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment
13 Control system TAIDA brand PLC control
14 Voltage 380V 3Phase 60Hz
15 Motor power 4kw
16 Dimension About 6.8m*1.5m*1.5m
17 Hydraulic pressure 10-12mpa
18 Index error of length ±1mm
19 The temperature range of working line -35-50°

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