Corrugated metal panels roll forming machine

Corrugated metal panels roll forming machine can produce corrugated metal panels with a high speed. Corrugated Metal Panels are building materials made from sheets of hot dip galvanized steel which are cold rolled to produce the rippled pattern we see in them. The corrugations in the panels increase the bending strength of the sheets in the direction perpendicular to the corrugations.

Roof and Wall Corrugated Shee52 1 300x99 - Corrugated metal panels roll forming machine

Roof and Wall Corrugated Shee 1 300x164 - Corrugated metal panels roll forming machine

Features of corrugated metal panels

  • Weather resistant
  • Lightweight & tough
  • Easily transported

Parameters of corrugated metal panels

Packing list-machine components
No. Name Unit Quantity Remark
1 5T hydraulic decoiler set 1 Automatic
2 Main roll former set 1 Chains drive
3 PLC control station set 1 Siemens brand
4 hydraulic system set 1
5 Product collect stacker set 1 Auto / 6m  length

Corrugated roll forming machine 7 1 300x225 - Corrugated metal panels roll forming machineCorrugated roll forming machine 300x225 - Corrugated metal panels roll forming machine

Uses for corrugated metal panels

Corrugated metal panels can be used for a variety of applications. As floor decking, the panels provide an adequate layer onto which concrete can be poured. As siding, corrugated metal is strong and resilient, and as a roof, this material can stand up to the elements while providing water-proof protection. Different finishes including a variety of colors allow for these panels to be used in decorative applications or as aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound building components. Our clients range from massive contractors looking for a variety of metal panels, to do-it-yourself-ers in need of a specific size and style of corrugated panel.

Different gauges, substrates, and finishes offer specific load bearing capabilities, corrosion resistance, and visual characteristics. Much of our selection is kept in stock for fast pick-up or delivery. These panels are available in several pre-determined dimensions. Different corrucation styles are stocked in different gauges and substrates depending on demand. For custom orders, we’re able to quickly produce your exact needs in our state-of-the-art metal shop.

A video about the metal panels machine

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