Color steel forming equipment

Color steel forming equipment, as the name suggests, can make color steel plate forming equipment. In northern China, most of them call that tile press machines because the color steel plates are mostly using to make color steel houses and put them on the roof. Therefore, we also can call color steel plates as color steel tile.

glazed tile machine 300x223 - Color steel forming equipmentimage 1 300x201 - Color steel forming equipment

Classification of color steel forming equipment

We can divide color steel forming equipment into many types according to the color steel plates. However, depending on the use of the color steel plate, it can be roughly use as wall panel materials and roof panel materials.
The materials for wall panels are generally more common and commonly using in single-plate color steel plates. Therefore, the equipment used for production is also relatively common single-plate molding equipment. The number mentioned here refers generally to the effective coverage area of the formed color steel plate. We also can divide roof panels into color steel glazed tile, angular relaxation tile and so on. The equipment used to produce such panels is generally called color steel glazed tile equipment, angular relaxation molding equipment and so on. Different regions have different names, but they all mean the same thing. The meticulous distinction is generally based on the effective coverage area of the formed sheet (such as the 1000-color steel glazed tile equipment, 1100-color steel glazed tile equipment, etc.).

Features of color steel forming equipment

The center line of the upper and lower rollers of the color steel forming equipment shall be on the same plane line. The center wheel shall prevail. The flatness shall not exceed 1 mm. The gap between the upper and lower rollers in each row shall be equal and the clearance deviation shall be +0.1 mm. Debug with a conventional gauge or feeler gauge. The press forming plate is not only elegant, but also beautiful and smooth in appearance, high in strength, low in cost and durable.

The product owner is universally applicable to civil construction of large and medium-sized enterprises. Such as factory buildings, garages, hangars, sports stadiums, and theaters. Forming is composing of discharging, forming, and post forming cutting. The products are flat and beautiful in appearance, uniform in paint pattern, high in strength, and durable. They are widely using in industrial civil buildings such as factories, warehouses, garages, hangars, and gymnasiums. Exhibition halls, theaters, and other house and walls. Its components include: machine, PLC computer control system, hydraulic pump station system, automatic after-cutting system. Equipment features: The color plate equipment uses high-level automatic control software to achieve the production of information management.

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