Color machine when choosing color plate thickness factor

Color machine when choosing color plate thickness factor

For color plate devices, at the time of purchase, we often need to hear a word, thickness. This is also purchasing a color plate in question must pay attention to. And for different places, color plate thickness we need are different, for the next time we are in accordance with the scope of application, the scope of procurement color plate thickness, in order to better understand the color plate. Overall performance is getting better. Steel production and processing of high-rise steel structures steel requires a good weldability or low crack susceptibility; seismic aspects of the requirements of steel with good toughness and impact energy absorption capability; fire-resistant steel with good aspect requires a delay at a high temperature , generally requires 600 ℃, the yield strength of not less than two-thirds of normal temperature and the like.

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For the roof is, if we use color steel roof as recommended is the choice of 0.8 or more color plate, so that more good, this number, the width of the roof color plate should be as small as possible, so that drainage can also be very convenience. As for the walls, the color steel machinery we propose to use a thickness of less than 0.8 color plate, in addition, the width of the wall also preferably bigger the better, because for the wall, the lower the crest, it looks more for the aesthetic point. This will be more practical.

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Production process more and more compact layout. In the face of the increasingly demanding requirements of the steel structure of steel, it is also faced with resource conservation and cost reduction pressures, steel steel production must therefore take the low-cost, high-performance routing. To this end, the world revolves around the rolling process and rolling technology innovation, has developed a hot-rolled → quenching and tempering (offline) → TMCP (thermo-mechanical controlled rolling) and QST (quenching and self-tempering) new process. Strength increasing. With high-rise building structures, high-rise and large span of development, construction steel is steel to strengthen the development of high. Therefore, the extensive use of high-strength steel construction has become a trend in today’s world of building structures.


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