Classic tile roofing sheet making machine

If you are looking for an attractive yet economical roof material for your property, choose the classic tile roofing sheet.  Suitable for roofs with a pitch above 10 degrees and even useable on vertical surfaces, classic roofing sheets are a highly versatile roofing option that will bring many, many years of reliable service. To making this kind of roofing sheets, we design the classic tile roofing sheet making machine.

Take some finish products of classic tile roofing sheet

classic tile roofing sheet 300x156 - Classic tile roofing sheet making machine

Classic roof tiles have a highly innovative design. Each roof tile has a downturned front edge to aid the filtration of rain water, while the upper edge is upturned, preventing any chance of water entering the internal roof structure. The tiles are designed to form a strong overlap and interlock, creating extremely weathertight and water resistant roofing sheets.The roof tiles are proven to withstand 160mph winds.

Introduction of classic tile roofing sheet making machine

The classic tile roofing sheet automatic production line is a special equipment for metal color stone tile independently researched and developed by our company’s technicians using advanced production technology with gas, electricity and machinery. The working process adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, spray glue, sand covering and drying in one time. The equipment has been tested and improved on the basis of long-term operation, and it is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, stability, and easy operation. Our company is guided by technological progress, a superb craftsmanship, aiming at quality equipment, constantly pursuing innovation, and keeping our equipment and all kinds of molds to perfection. All the equipment and molds produced by our company provide planning solutions for customers. Technical services to your company, providing one-stop service to customers.

classic tile roofing sheet making machine 300x127 - Classic tile roofing sheet making machine

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