Automatic sandwich panel production line

The automatic sandwich panel production line is the most ideal equipment for producing color steel foam and rock wool composite sandwich panels. It is a special mechanical equipment for processing color steel thermal insulation composite board with gas, electricity and machinery as one. The working speed is variable frequency stepless speed regulation, and it can be used for one-time composite city corrugated composite board.

rock wool sandwich panel roll forming machine 300x300 - Automatic sandwich panel production line
The automatic sandwich panel production line adopts the highly integrated network of the whole unit automation control system to realize the information management of production and make the automation system more superior, with the advantages of manipulation, maintenance, maintenance, mechanical debugging and mold replacement.

sandwich panel machine 300x300 - Automatic sandwich panel production line

The automatic sandwich prodcution line consists of a single board machine and a composite board machine. It combines two production processes into one. It can be composited into a corrugated composite board at one time, which overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional corrugated type and the manual combination. The machine and the compound machine can each be produced independently. The whole machine adopts advanced production technology and mechanical and electrical integration.

The equipment is widely used in the top and wall of light steel structure buildings, such as: industrial plants, movable board houses, large supermarkets and warehouses, large-span roofs and walls, assembly of various cold storage, purification rooms, air-conditioned rooms, etc. An indispensable device in the construction industry.

Advertising plate roll forming machine

The advertising plate is an advertising decorative material mainly used for outdoor. It is a decorative material named after the decoration construction process, installed on the ceiling, renting the door and the wall. They can be installed and used directly, no need to carry out any processing and production, only need to fix the special keel on the billboard frame, and then snap into the advertising plate. As a rich experience roll forming machine manufacture, we design the advertising plate roll forming machine to satisfy the customer requirements.

Check some profiles of the advertising plate

advertising plate 265x300 - Advertising plate roll forming machine

The advantages of advertising plate

1, rich in color, bright and not fade
2, due to high cost performance, will become a trend
3, strong, suitable for all types of fonts
4, production and installation is convenient and fast

Parameters of advertising plate roll forming machine

Size: 5500*1200*1400

Weight t: 4.8 tons

Voltage:380V/50HZ3Phase(as customer’s request)

Roller fixer : Guide column

Frame : middle plate welded

Memorial arch frame type

Frame thickness:25mm

Drive mode: gear

Material of rollers: GCr12MoV

Material of shafts: 45# steel with tempering

Diameter of shafts:50mm

Number of rollers :9 rollers

Main power: 7.5kw

advertising plate roll forming machine 300x271 - Advertising plate roll forming machine

The advertising plate is mainly composed of iron plate, steel plate, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, zinc, and commonly used thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Due to its rich color, strong decoration and good weather resistance, the advertising plate is widely used in outdoor curtain wall decoration and indoor high-end home decoration, advertising decoration and so on.

The features of cold roll forming machine

The industry of cold roll forming machine has a large development nowadays. It has so many features that more and more people like to use it. I will introduce them to you in the followings.

The features of cold roll forming machine

1. Reasonable cross-section shape and good mechanical properties

The finished product of cold roll forming machine has better cross-section characteristics. Compared with the hot-rolled steel with the same cross-sectional area, the radius of gyration can be increased by 50%~60%. And the moment of inertia of the section and the resistance moment of the section can be increased by 50%~180%. In addition, the finished product of cold roll forming machine can improve its strength due to the cold-bending effect of the material after cold working. Therefore, the cold-formed steel structural member has the advantages of reasonable cross-sectional shape, large overall rigidity, good stress performance and high bearing capacity. Cold-formed steel is most suitable for drawing and pressing components, which can make full use of material properties, reduce its own weight and save steel.

2. Light weight, steel province, saving energy and resources

Light weight is the most important feature of cold-formed steel. According to statistics, cold-formed steel has achieved good economic benefits in applications such as construction, machinery manufacturing, transportation, automobile manufacturing and shipbuilding. The quality of the cold-formed steel structure used in the construction industry is only 0.5~0.7 of the ordinary steel structure, which also reduces the design internal force of the structure, reduces the processing requirements of the foundation and the foundation, saves the basic cost and facilitates the construction. The soft soil area is particularly evident. Saving steel, it also saves the iron ore, fuel and various auxiliary materials needed to produce this part of the steel, while eliminating the energy needed to mine and process these materials.

3. Flexible forming method and easy installation

Cold-formed steel is machined at room temperature, opening up new avenues to improve material availability primarily by optimizing cross-sectional shapes rather than simply relying on improved materials or increased material usage. This forming method has great flexibility, and can produce profiles of any cross section according to design requirements. The length, width and thickness can be arbitrarily selected, and thin-walled steel which is difficult to produce by hot rolling can be produced. Can be placed according to the design requirements, reduce component joints, easy to connect nodes, construction and installation is simple. At present, cold-formed steel structures have become increasingly popular in the construction industry.

The debugging of color steel roll forming machine

Now color steel plate are most used in many places. But there are many problems of production line of the color steel roll forming machine. The most common problem is the deviation of color steel plates. I will give you some advice in the following to make the color steel roll forming machine work well.

roof tile roll forming machine 300x300 - The debugging of color steel roll forming machineroof tile forming machine 300x300 - The debugging of color steel roll forming machine

Once the deviation occurs, it will affect the production efficiency of the machine and the product qualification rate. Therefore, we must Knowing how to correct these mistakes. After a long period of research and exploration, we have come up with a way to adjust this problem. If the equipment board runs to the right, you need to use the iron pad to the left corner. Or the right roller Flatten, the first few axes are flattened and the first few shafts are flattened. The upper roller should be consistent with the lower roller. If it is flattened, the bottom should also be flattened. The uniformly symmetrical roller cannot be changed. .

If it still doesn’t work, first adjust the four corners of the front and rear rows of the color steel tile presser from the big frame to the height of the upper end of the shaft, and then find a line from the first row to the last row. Straighten, check if the lower shaft is on a horizontal line, and adjust the left and right sides of the lower shaft to level.

Find the symmetry point in the first row and the last row of the color steel roll forming machine, then fasten the locks on both sides, pull a straight line in front of and behind the center of the middle runner, and adjust the gap between the upper and lower shafts. The machine can be adjusted in a straight line. In fact, the remedy for the deviation of the board is that we need to produce and test it for a long time. Different reversal directions have different remedies.

Some knowledge about roll forming machine

The cold roll forming machine is a metal cold roll forming equipment commonly used in industrial production, which can meet the requirements of specific shapes in industrial production. Once the cold roll forming machine is available, it has achieved a good market development, and currently varieties on the market. Many, for some hot-rolling methods, it is difficult to produce a variety of profiles with uniform wall thickness and complex cross-section shape, and it can easily handle cold-formed steel of various materials.

double layer roofing sheet machine 300x300 - Some knowledge about roll forming machineglazed tile roofing sheet machine 副本 300x290 - Some knowledge about roll forming machine

The cold roll forming machine produces a finished product with high finish, beautiful appearance and precise dimensions. The steel produced by the forming machine is an economical section high-efficiency steel, which saves costs. The cold roll forming machine is widely used to replace hot-rolled steel profiles and other varieties with cold-formed steel.

The composition of the cold roll forming machine: The cold forming machine is mainly composed of a base, a mechanical transmission, a operating system, a hydraulic working system and others.

The cold forming machine works: When the cold forming machine is working, metal materials such as steel plates that need to be processed by cold forming technology are placed between the two driving wheels, and the hydraulic system is started to make the hydraulic cylinder push the dovetail groove and the cold forming wheel cold-pressed steel when the design is reached. Turn off the hydraulic system when needed in the arc and start.

Cold bending equipment is a profile processing equipment used in tunnels, subways, underground passages, etc. Compared with press equipment, it has the characteristics of more stable performance, higher work efficiency and better quality of produced profiles. However, sometimes the cold bending equipment may have some defects in the operation process due to operational problems, the most common of which is the problem of product processing deformation.
So, what about the problem of cold bending equipment encountering deformation of the profile during processing? First, we need to analyze the cause of the problem, and the most common cause of profile deformation is caused by the imbalance of force, which may be caused by improper operation or due to improper placement.
Therefore, to solve the problem of cold deformation of the cold bending equipment encountered in the processing, first of all, in the design, there must be a reasonable distribution of deformation, especially in the last few production of cold bending equipment, the deformation can not be too large. Secondly, the profile can be pre-bent using side rolls and over-bending rolls, which effectively prevents the profile from arbitrarily oscillating during processing. Finally, if there is still a problem of profile deformation during the production process, then the distribution of the rolls should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Hydraulic automatic uncoiler

The hydraulic automatic uncoiler is a special equipment for metal plate leveling. It is used for leveling steel plates and uneven plates. It can be used to form unwinding, leveling, shearing production lines and other plate production lines according to relevant configurations. Bosch billion is suitable for machinery, vehicles, metal products, household appliances, steel structures, decoration and other industries.

uncoiler 300x200 - Hydraulic automatic uncoilerhydraulic automatic uncoiler 300x220 - Hydraulic automatic uncoiler

The hydraulic automatic uncoiler mandrel is connected with four sector plates through inclined dovetail grooves on four end faces. Each of which is prevented from axially swaying by a radial slide at the trailing end, but can be expanded and contracted in the radial direction. . A rotary oil cylinder is connected to the end of the reel shaft, and the cylinder piston rod drives the front end quadrangular axis to axially slide through the rod at the center of the reel shaft, thereby driving the fan plate to radially expand and contract. The roll can be increased in nominal diameter by means of an additional four sector plates.

The fully automatic hydraulic uncoiler frame can be moved on the guide rail of the machine base and driven by the hydraulic cylinder to achieve central position control. In order to enhance the stability of the reel, a support arm device is designed on the head of the reel. When there is a steel coil on the reel, the support arm is driven by the oil cylinder to support the reel head, and the support arm is normally retracted without affecting. The coil is rolled up.
Main technical parameters of hydraulic automatic unwinding machine:
Motor power: 4KW
Dimensions: 4000x850x1800mm
Machine weight: 3.5T

Mandatory maintenance of roll forming machine is necessary

Good maintenance of any mechanical equipment is a critical step in extending the service life. From the perspective of the entire life cycle of the roll forming machine, the use, maintenance and repair account for most of the total life of the roll forming machine, and it is also used by the cold bending machine. Value provides protection.

roof and wall cladding roll forming machine 300x300 - Mandatory maintenance of roll forming machine is necessaryIBR roof panel machine 300x300 - Mandatory maintenance of roll forming machine is necessary

Cold roll forming machine has a large amount of construction work, heavy tasks, high investment, tight construction period and strong seasonality. It is necessary to force maintenance of cold roll forming machine. Forced maintenance is especially important for equipment that is used in field work and harsh environment.

glazed tile roofing sheet machine 副本 300x290 - Mandatory maintenance of roll forming machine is necessarycustomized glazed tile machine 300x222 - Mandatory maintenance of roll forming machine is necessary

According to the common analysis of the growth and failure, 56% of the cold bending equipment is based on the problem caused by the loss of maintenance, 38% is the regular maintenance error, and 6% is caused by the operation error. Therefore, it is necessary to force the maintenance of the cold bending equipment.

Cold roll forming is a new technology and new technology for metal sheet forming, material saving, energy saving and high efficiency. By using this process, not only can high-quality steel products be produced, but also the cycle of product development can be shortened and production efficiency can be improved, thereby improving the market competitiveness of enterprises.
In the past half century, cold roll forming has developed into the most effective sheet metal forming technology. 35% to 45% of the strips rolled in North America are processed by cold forming into more products than steel used in the automotive industry.

Please feel free to contact with us at any time with the roll forming machine.

Galvanized steel corrugated panels

Galvanized steel corrugated panels are trusted by professionals and homeowners for a variety of applications. This durable and lightweight panel is ideal for roofing and siding, but also has many other uses including: privacy fencing, back splashes, ceilings, wainscoting and craft projects. The distinctive galvanized finish will stand up to all kinds of weather and can be painted or aged for a variety of interesting visual effects. Corrugated panels are easily cut with shears and being light weight makes them easy to use and transport.

Some drawing profiles and pictures of the galvanized steel corrugated panels

Corrugated roll forming machine 1 300x98 - Galvanized steel corrugated panels

Roof and Wall Corrugated Shee 1 300x164 - Galvanized steel corrugated panels

Features of galvanized steel corrugated panels

  • Low-maintenance product that is known for durability
  • Light weight for ease of use or transport; cuts easily with common aviation snips
  • Corrugated panels will not rot, mildew or warp and can form an effective pesticide-free barrier against termites and other insects
  • Non-combustible; resistance to fire increases your security and may result in lower insurance premiums
  • Corrugated panels are a good choice for the environment; after a long service life corrugated panels are still 100% recyclable
  • 29-Gauge thickness, recommended for roof slopes of 3/12 pitch or greater
  • 21-1/2 in. roof coverage or 24 in. siding coverage
  • Cuts easily with standard tin snips

For the corrugated panels making machine, if you want to know more, just contact with us.

Corrugated roll forming machine 7 300x225 - Galvanized steel corrugated panels

Corruagted metal roof panel

Corrugated metal roof panel is a kind of popular building material. Due to its high quality, light weight and beautiful appearance, it has a so big market. I will introduce two types for you in the following.

2.5 inch metal roof panel

An economical and versatile wall or roof panel. 2.5 ”x 1/2 Corrugated, exposed fastener panel. Panels shall be attached to the substrate with exposed screws stocked 27 1/2″ wide G90 Galvanized, 26GA through 18GA 8′ Long, 10′ Long & 12′ Long all gauges. 26GA & 18GA also stock 27 1/2″ x 20′ Long Special length orders 2-3 Weeks

2.5″ (Two and one half inch) Corrugated Metal Panel Specifications:

  • Minimum slope for roofing applications is 21/2:12
  • can be curving
  • Standard lengths: 6′-45′
  • UL 790 Class A fire resistance rating
  • UL 2218 Class 4 Hail Impact resistance

2.5 inch corrugated metal roof panel 300x96 - Corruagted metal roof panel

7/8″ Corrugated metal roof panel

Corrugated, exposed fastener panel. A bolder look than our 1/2″ corrugated. Great for exterior and interior uses. Minimum slope for roofing applications is 21/2:12. You also can ust machine to curve the panel. Standard lengths: 6′-45′. Can be perforated for acoustical applications. The 7/8″ has excellent negative load capability for high wind pressures. The perforated corrugated panels are highly suitable for indoor acoustical applications.

7/8 Inch Corrugated Metal Specifications:

  • Minimum slope for roofing applications is 21/2:12
  • can be curving
  • Standard lengths: 6′-45′
  • Can be perforated for acoustical applications

corruagted metal roof panel 300x104 - Corruagted metal roof panel


Sandwich panel production line

A sandwich panel production line is always required for the production of metal skinned, Eps/xps board or Rockwool and Glass mineral wool insulated roofing and wall panels of prefab buildings, like assembled container houses.

People like to use metal roofing and wall panels made of pre-painted steel coils or galvanized steel coils instead of stones, bricks or clay tiles for most of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural steel buildings, however a single metal roofing or wall panel is not a thermal sheet which can prevent a building or a house getting too hot in summer or too cold in winter.

An Eps and Rockwool insulated sandwich panel machine line has been designed for the continuous production of metal faced roofing and wall sandwich panels with thermal materials insulated mainly used for the building of prefab houses. The metal skins for roofing sandwich panels are trapezoildal roofing sheets made of pre-painted steel coils with thickness 0.3-0.8mm, width 1250mm maximum; the thermal materials for roofing and wall sandwich panels are usually EPS or XPS board, and Rockwool or Glass mineral wool;

sandwich panel machine 300x300 - Sandwich panel production linerock wool sandwich panel roll forming machine 300x300 - Sandwich panel production line

EPS/Rockwool sandwich panel production line generally consists of 3 manual decoiler, a roof or wal panel roll forming machine (double layer roll forming machine will be equipped for the production of two types of roof sandwich panels), a feeding table for EPS or XPS board and Rockwool or Glass mineral wool strips, glue mixing system, pressing or composing machine, a tracking fly-saw cutter, run-out table and control system. Optional equipment will be provided as per requests, such as auto stacking machine,and auto packing machine.

sandwich panel 1 300x300 - Sandwich panel production lineworking process of sandwich panel machine 300x300 - Sandwich panel production line