C10 type roof panel making machine

C10 type roof panel making machine has reasinable structure, beautiful appearance, with advantage of saving space, easy operate and especially welcomed by the costomer with limit area or site operation. There are some details about the machine in the followings.

The drawing prfile of the C10 type roof panel

C10 roof panel 300x122 - C10 type roof panel making machine

The parameters of C10 type roof panel making machine

Manual   decoiler

1).Inside diameter coil is 450 – 550 mm

2).Coil Width is 1250 mm

3) .Coil load 5 ton

5T manual decoiler 副本 300x232 - C10 type roof panel making machine

Main machine system

1).Number of forming roller step 13 steps

  • .Shaft material: 45# steel, outer diameter 80mm
  • .Roller material:#45 steel
  • .Chains transport
  • .Forming speed:8-10m/min
  • .Main motor power:5.5kw
  • .Size:6.2m*1.65m*1.25m
  • .Weight:3.5T
  • .Voltage:415v,50Hz,3 phase
  • .Test material:PPGI,GI
  • .Similar machine photo for your reference

C10 type roof panel making machine 300x225 - C10 type roof panel making machine

Hydraulic Cutting device

1) Hydraulic Station:1set

2) With hydraulic station, motor 3 KW

3)Cutting press 20 ton

4)Hydraulic cutter

5)Blade, puncher and mold material: Gcr12 steel with quenched treated 58-62℃

6)Cutting system: advanced hydraulic drive, automatic cutting after forming, no distorting or wasting, high level safety factor.

Controlling Device

1) Screen: 5.7 inch Touch screen

2) PLC: Delta

3) Automatic length measurement

4) Automatic quantity measurement

5) Computer is used to control length and quantity. Machine will automatically cut to length and stop when required quantity is achieved

6) Length inaccuracy can be amended easily

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