Basic features steel tile equipment

Basic features steel tile equipment

1, self-tapping screws choose. Selection should be based on the life of the structure when the fixing screw fastener selection, and pay special attention to the life and the life of the specified fixed member overcoat material are the same. Also note that the thickness of the steel purlins should not exceed the ability to self-drilling screws. Current supply can be provided with plastic screw head, stainless steel cap or coated with a special durable protective layer. Further, in addition to dark-fastening with screws, other screws all with waterproof gasket, and for the case and the special lighting board under pressure washers are equipped with appropriate special.

color steel roll forming machine 300x156 - Basic features steel tile equipment
2, fixation steel tile installation are penetrating and dark buckle concealed two. Is the most common way of penetrating the fixed roof and wall steel tile installation of equipment, which uses self-tapping screws or rivets color plates fixed to the support member (eg purlins), the peak fixed penetrating into fixed, fixed trough or a combination thereof. Dark button is concealed fixing plate with dark button color matching special dark-fastening method first fixed to the support member (eg purlins), the center color plates of ribs and dark buckle female ribs teeth together, generally for houses panel installation

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