Automatically Roofing Sheet Stacker

More and more roofing sheet machines are used all over the world. Not only because the the roofing sheet has so many characters to build the structure but also because it is has so high work efficiency. And the automatically roofing sheet stacker also can improve the working speed. It can save the time and the man power. So it is a necessary for you to purchase.

Roofing sheet has the following advantsges:

1. The roofing sheet stacker is used in the final part of roofing sheet roll forming machine, when the finished products are finished, the roofing sheet stacker will collect the products automatically, it is convenient for workers to carry them and can keep the finished products are tiny and clean.

2.This device uses PLC and touch screen control, it achieves intelligent operation and management and is easy to operate. And it can greatly reduce the labor force and reduce labor intensity. Using high-speed, stable, space-saving concept design. Using separate off-board, faster, more space-saving. A multi-purpose machine, quick adjustment, do not have to worry about replacing the stack of products.

I will show you some pictures in the following.

automatic stacker 1024x634 - Automatically Roofing Sheet Stacker

collecting stacker 300x196 - Automatically Roofing Sheet Stacker collecting table 300x200 - Automatically Roofing Sheet Stacker

We also can provide you various roofing sheet stackers for you to choose. There are personal characters for them.  We can provide the suitable one to you.

There is a 12 meters metal roofing sheet stacker for your reference. If you want to know more about the stacker,  please feel free to send your requirements to us, we will try our best to give you the best you want.

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