Color machine when choosing color plate thickness factor

Color machine when choosing color plate thickness factor

For color plate devices, at the time of purchase, we often need to hear a word, thickness. This is also purchasing a color plate in question must pay attention to. And for different places, color plate thickness we need are different, for the next time we are in accordance with the scope of application, the scope of procurement color plate thickness, in order to better understand the color plate. Overall performance is getting better. Steel production and processing of high-rise steel structures steel requires a good weldability or low crack susceptibility; seismic aspects of the requirements of steel with good toughness and impact energy absorption capability; fire-resistant steel with good aspect requires a delay at a high temperature , generally requires 600 ℃, the yield strength of not less than two-thirds of normal temperature and the like.

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For the roof is, if we use color steel roof as recommended is the choice of 0.8 or more color plate, so that more good, this number, the width of the roof color plate should be as small as possible, so that drainage can also be very convenience. As for the walls, the color steel machinery we propose to use a thickness of less than 0.8 color plate, in addition, the width of the wall also preferably bigger the better, because for the wall, the lower the crest, it looks more for the aesthetic point. This will be more practical.

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Production process more and more compact layout. In the face of the increasingly demanding requirements of the steel structure of steel, it is also faced with resource conservation and cost reduction pressures, steel steel production must therefore take the low-cost, high-performance routing. To this end, the world revolves around the rolling process and rolling technology innovation, has developed a hot-rolled → quenching and tempering (offline) → TMCP (thermo-mechanical controlled rolling) and QST (quenching and self-tempering) new process. Strength increasing. With high-rise building structures, high-rise and large span of development, construction steel is steel to strengthen the development of high. Therefore, the extensive use of high-strength steel construction has become a trend in today’s world of building structures.


Arc roof tile forming machine

Arc Roofing Tile Forming Machine
The series production process flow of the art roof tile forming machine is Decoiling→Feeding & Guiding→Roll Forming→Step pressing→Cutting→Finished Products to Support Table.

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The production by the machine are widely used all kinds offactories,houses,warehouses,and simple steel shed with beautiful appearance , high efficiency and reliable working.It consists of feeding platform,main molding core,shearing mechanism,hydraulic station,computer control cabinet,high precision counter and so on.

Detailed components introduction
1. Manual Decoiler of the corrugated arc roof tile steel panel roll forming machine
1): coil inner diameter: 450-550mm
2): coil max width: 1250mm
3): max carrying capacity: 5000kg
Usage: It is used to support the steel coil and uncoil it in a turnable way.
Passive uncoil pulled by roll forming system

arc roof tile forming machine 1 300x300 - Arc roof tile forming machine


2. Coil feeding part of the corrugated arc roof tile steel panel roll forming machine
Usage: Put the raw material(steel plate) through the beach to manufacture and process, it can guarantee that the products are neat, parallel and everything is uniformity.
Please refer to the equipment regulation to know the function of locate angle iron.

arc roof tile forming machine 2 300x101 - Arc roof tile forming machine


3. Main roll forming machine part of the corrugated arc roof tile steel panel roll forming machine
1).roller material: 45# steel with hot treatment at 52-68 degrees, hot chormed on the surface to make sure its hardness.
shaft material: solid shaft(not hollow style), around 70kg/pc, to make sure the strength of it.and final profile shape are perfect in this way.
Shaft diameter: normally is 72mm.
2).power: normally 7kw in total
3).transmission model: gear and chain
4).controlling model: PLC controlling system, fully automatic.
5).Forming speed: 0-17m/min
Usage: In order to keep the product shape and precision, adopts welded sheet structure, motor reducer drive, chain transmission,roller was chromed which can keep the molding plate surface smooth and not easy to be marked when it is working

arc roof tile forming machine 3 300x193 - Arc roof tile forming machine

4. Automatic cuttting system of the corrugated arc roof tile steel panel roll forming machine
1).Material: blade, puncher and mold material: Cr12steel with quenched treated 60-62
2).Cutting system: advanced hydraulic drive, automatic cutting after forming, no distorting or wasting, high level safety factor.
It adopts the hydraulic drive and automatic encoder to cut the accurate length you set on the computer.The tolerance is within 10m±1mm
Material of blades: Cr12 quenched
Power supply: hydraulic power
Components: It contains one set of blade, one hydraulic tank and one cutter machine

arc roof tile forming machine 4 300x219 - Arc roof tile forming machine


5. Computer controlling part of corrugated arc roof tile steel panel roll forming machine
1).PLC brand: Normally, it is Delta. Mistubishi, Panasonic, Siemens are optional.
2).working model: fully automatic and manaul
3).working language: normally are English, Chinese, Russia. Can be set as per your requirements.
6. Hydraulic station of the corrugated arc roof tile steel panel roll forming machine
1).including one motor,one oil tank,one magnetic valve,one pressure gage, hydraulic oil tube
2).3kw, 4kw, 5.5kw, will be adopted as per your profile sheet.

arc roof tile forming machine 5 300x265 - Arc roof tile forming machine

Color steel tile equipment with factors need to be considered

Color steel tile equipment with factors need to be considered

Color steel tile equipment with factors need to be considered, the reason for using color steel tile equipment there are many, the most critical There are several aspects to consider:
First, reduce production costs
The use of roll forming production lines of production, the cost will be less than the other as the means of production, the production of roll forming and punching, notching, embossing, welding, gluing, painting, packaging, and other methods can be further combined reduce production costs, while spared each process of handling and inventory, but also greatly reduces the cost.

IMG 20151027 135552 300x260 - Color steel tile equipment with factors need to be considered
Second, increase the amount of the sale of molded products, increase production capacity and expand production scale, when a prior product bending molding, stamping, welding, extrusion or purchase amount reaches a certain level, then increasing product benefit into cold bending molding equipment is the most frugal shortcut, reducing input costs of labor and raw materials, inputs and spared additional equipment

IMG 20151027 135451 300x225 - Color steel tile equipment with factors need to be considered
Third, the introduction of new kinds of equipment, machinery factory Jiangyin seamounts Caigang glazed tile using roll forming equipment, can greatly improve the production efficiency, yield better, faster revenue cycle, keep your costs at a minimum time, return and profitability. While the introduction of new equipment can achieve some special production requirements, or special materials such as high-tension products, or production of different length and width of the product

IMG 20151027 135510 300x225 - Color steel tile equipment with factors need to be considered


This is the color steel tile equipment with factors need to be considered. If you need the color steel roll forming machine and double layer roofing roll forming machine

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The maintenance and maintain of the floor deck roll forming machine

The maintenance and maintain of the floor deck roll forming machine

With different color plate, floor plate itself is placed between the cement floor is used for load-bearing floor, only the zinc coating, without color coating. Partial thickness generally thicker than the color plate. Galvanized coating itself has no color, so there is no protection of the zinc layer thickness than the thickness of color-coated steel, these two characteristics determine the care and attention of the machine at the floor boards.

No color coating from galvanized sheet starting this feature, zinc coating easy to fall off at the carrier plate working machine state building, galvanized sheet molding process, the zinc layer is easily the buildup to the floor boards machine wheels, a long time there is a thick layer of zinc on wheels for molding and sheet itself is a great damage. There is a factory in Tianjin, because there is no long-term maintenance of the pressure roller, causing molding problems, we went after gold credit mechanic, immediately safeguarding the wheels, helping to clean give the praise. However, if a long time, scratched wheels, causing irreversible damage.

DSC04681 300x225 - The maintenance and maintain of the floor deck roll forming machine

The strength of the floor boards of large, corresponding to more robust machine construction, power frequently 15kw, some even 20kw, 30kw. Hydraulic power cut also greatly pressure, so regular cleaning tubing, to avoid clogging.

DSC04676 300x225 - The maintenance and maintain of the floor deck roll forming machine

Whether floor boards machine or just the color plate machine, tool manufacturing is wealth, we must take care of. Select the quality is the first element of floor boards machine choose gold credit you choose your lifelong career consultant

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And if you neet the C35 russian style floor decking roll forming machine  or C60 Russian floor decking panel machine

Use Common Problems tile press

Use Common Problems tile press

The solution is to replace the impeller on the machine or sanding, we recommend the first method of comparison, and then impeller obstructions removed, we can solve the problem. Providing tile press common problems and solutions, it is a professional tile press common problems and solutions provider.
Tile press more and more important in the construction of the above buildings, cottage construction, building construction, construction of various buildings are inseparable from it. However, due to relatively easy solutions tile press caused by wear and tear, so there is always this or that problem to affect the normal production and manufacturing, so let’s introduce its recurring problems and problems after

IMG 0807 300x200 - Use Common Problems tile press
1, the machine swinging too big reason: Since the digging wheel wear is more wear and tear the place to be, so they would often wear a serious problem, if there is a serious problem of wear, it will cause impeller for obstructions .
2, idle too much resistance causes: material bearing on the inner seal having clogged Solution: The material bearing on the clog out, while checking whether there is a corresponding device material clogging.
3, bearing fever reasons: lack of oil bearing, bearing a fine entry, bearing damage Workaround: bearing lubrication, cleaning bearings or replace bearings.

IMG 0810 300x200 - Use Common Problems tile press
4, the expected product size is too large Cause: The belt is too loose, the nesting population adjustment unreasonable, impeller speed and other issues will affect the quality of the product, so we have to put the particles in a uniform quality of the product to get the raw material stirring time, so after the brick next step only after the proper particle density in order to achieve appropriate standards. Solution: Check the V-belt tension state to regulate the discharge port, the impeller speed, until the desired standard, use Notepad to record speed range to facilitate the proper use of the next.

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color steel composite plate production line equipment in the production process

color steel composite plate production line equipment in the production process

color steel composite plate production line equipment in the production of composite panels forming the demand for accurate and continuous cut, and cut speed and complex speed products in harmony, so the finished cutting machine adopts the leading frequency control and electromagnetic manipulation air manipulation. And selected HMI computer programming, die cutter – punching knife cutter to full speed by the cutter drive multispeed control, first cut all kinds of corrugated composite panels. This unit has two cutting methods, namely die cutter – punching knife and die cutter – cutter, die cutter – punching knife to open a single rate, flat top cut, tongued and grooved boards.
Automatic: use PLC, touch screen, encoder complete control (Note: should be stated when ordering)
Semi-automatic: the choice of setting foot length of pull method, the trigger limit switch to control the length of the commodity to complete production.
Users can choose the length of the control method according to demand, control in two ways: semi-automatic and fully automatic
Cut unit operating process is: length – pressing – the random motion of cut – relax – reset.

color steel composite plate production line equipment in the production process 1 - color steel composite plate production line equipment in the production process
According to production needs, often commissioning composite panel production line:
1. Plant: height greater than 5500mm length of more than 40000mm,
2. Foundation: Concrete should be flat ground
3. equipment and tools: user-owned 3KW, 10Mpa 1 compressor station, φ10 several trachea, 300mm rectangular device 2, 300mm ruler 2, two pliers, a variety of open-end wrench 1 set, hex wrench 1 set.
4. Power: Three-phase five-wire line a total capacity of 35KW
5. Lifting: lifting the weight of five tons of single-beam lane 1, the effective stroke is 27M. Hook Ground> 4000mm.
6. Operator: The operator of 4 to 5, 4 to 5 support staff.
7. Materials and specifications: metal color plate width: 1200mm or 1000mm thickness: 0.2 ~ 0.6mm
Composite panels pipeline color plates each volume should be less than 5T, the outer diameter of not greater than 1300mm, inner membrane pore size of φ600mm or φ500mm.

color steel composite plate production line equipment in the production process - color steel composite plate production line equipment in the production process

Composite plate machine can generate the following conditions during use

Composite plate machine can generate the following conditions during use

(1) Composite board machine start the machine idle for several cycles, ensuring to cut sheet metal of different thickness, from thin to thick under normal circumstances. Ensure that the users are familiar with composite board machine performance.

(2) It must be adjusted different blade clearance when doing different thickness shear test. If the corresponding blade gap doesn’t adjustment, the impact of the blade will durability.

(3) Composite panel is turned on in the shearing process gauge switch, observe oil pressure value, when cutting a 12 mm plate, the pressure should be less than 20 MPa. This remote relief valve No.9, factory pressure settings 20-22 MPa, the user must comply with this requirement, must not increase the pressure to cut surface material exceed a predetermined, resulting in damage to the machine.

(4) Keep the sound balance when operating. If the composite board machine has noise, you should stop and check it.

(5) When operating the composite panels, the temperature of tank must raise less than 60 degrees, if it goes beyond the limit, you should close it done to let it rest.

imagestore20150822e5fbdd25 a996 4e6e 9a68 7c234a3c4299 300x168 - Composite plate machine can generate the following conditions during use

Differences between the hydraulic motor drive and motor drive

Differences between the hydraulic motor drive and motor drive

Hydraulic system has been more widely used in various industrial sectors and in many sectors agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, and the more advanced equipment, some of which use the hydraulic system on the more.
In paper, textiles, plastics, rubber and other light industry, the paper machines, textile machines, injection molding machines, rubber briquetting machines and other equipment have an extensive use of the hydraulic system. In mining, petroleum, metallurgy, pressure processing and other heavy industry, the hydraulic system is more widely used because it can deliver a lot of energy and weight of the device is smaller than others. For example, the hydraulic system on the device holder mine, oil drilling platforms, blast furnace top equipment, billet caster, strip mill reduction systems, presses and quick forging machines, all of them are used the system. In other industries such as electric power, construction, water conservancy, transportation, shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive and so on, the hydraulic system is also an important component. As for the extensive use of advanced technology sectors such as aerospace, military and others, hydraulic system is widely used. The machine tool industry was one of the first to use hydraulic technology. At present, the motor drive technology development in exchange for leaving the motor drive inverter technology to recapture a lot of hydraulic drive range of applications, but in the power drive and reciprocating motion of the occasion, the hydraulic system are still widely used.

Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic transmission system
The widely used transmission mode are mechanical transmission, electric drive, hydraulic drive and pneumatic drive. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Mechanical transmission is carried out by transmission gear, rack, worm, worm gear, belt, chain, levers and other mechanical parts, it is the development of the earliest and most common form of transmission. It has a transmission is accurate and reliable, simple, intuitive and easy to grasp mechanism, the load change has less impact on the drive ratio and the environmental impact is small. But for the automatic control, simply by mechanical transmission to complete the structure becomes complicated and cumbersome, meanwhile it has some disadvantages, for example, being difficult to operate long-distance, large operating force, the freedom of mounting position change is so small, so gradually in many cases other transmission manner replace it.
Electric drive is carried out by electric drive and control, using AC motors to drive, simple and cheap, therefore it is the most widely used and also the various transmission components. But AC motors are generally difficult to perform continuously variable transmission, which can be achieve by a DC motor, but more expensive. Currently thyristor AC motor technology enables a continuously variable transmission is greatly simplified, but the application in high-power and low speed high torque and other occasions has yet to be further improved. Electrical control, in particular computer control, with signal transfer and change convenient, easy remote manipulation and other unique advantages, so in situations that require high degree of automation is essential.

Difference between solid shaft and hollow shaft of tile press

Difference between solid shaft and hollow shaft of tile press

When ordering the tile press, Some customers like to ask what is the difference between solid shaft and hollow shaft, general pressed tile thickness is 0.5 to 0.6 or less, and a thickness of 0.8 such as color steel molding effect is not very good, solid axis tile press is different, it can be arbitrary repression 0.8 or less of all the following material sheet such as galvanized sheet and color steel, and molding effect, tile press has a long service life, so when chose the tile press, we must determine the tile press is made of steel with a solid shaft . Cost of C course steel mill with solid shaft than that with the hollow shaft must be higher, so we shouldn’t seek cheaper when choosing it, each manufacturer cherish every customer and will not just raise prices. When the choice is generally less than 23,000 SBC, be careful to buy, because some pressure watts Factory home is not only thinner shaft diameter solid shaft but also no good platen effect, hope that buyers choose carefully. Our factory plant to provide a long-term service and a product tracking.
With the development of technology and the support of our customers, the company continued to expand and the scale of production capacity is also rising, and products are toward standardized scale development. At present many manufacturers use hollow shaft on the tile press in order to profit more, which is seriously affecting the quality of the equipment and deceive customers, and now the pressure watts factory will help you to identify to prevent the fraud. Many customers don’t know how to verify the shaft is solid or hollow when buying tile press, and some manufacturers produce hollow shaft to customers who want a low price. How can we know the shaft is hollow or solid? First recognition is to open tile press and withdraw a shaft to see if it is solid. Second, if you think split tile press is too much trouble, then you can ask the tile press weight, generally the weight of SBC is about 2.5 tons, the hollow shaft is about 2 tons. The third method of identification is not to yield to the temptation of cheap, and do not buy the ordinary 840,860,900 ordinary veneer tile press if the price is less than $ 20,000, because in this situation the product will not be solid shafts, remind you keep your eyes open to prevent fooled. For color pressed machine, we have to focus on the part of the pressure-watt machine. Many buyers also want to know whether or not the machine they hope to buy is value for money. Then we will introduce from the main components of pressure-watt machine, axis. Why we say the axis first? Because the pressure of shaft is the first major when pressing color plate, and then we can the beautiful color plates, so the selection of said shaft is crucial.

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You know tile press life factors which it?

You know tile press life factors which it?

For pressure-watt machine, the life of the hydraulic system is an important manifestation of the comprehensive value of steel tile equipment, one of the main system hydraulic system type tile press in the production and manufacturing process, there will be a few factors that point will cause greater impact, following the extension of Roll forming equipment Co., Ltd. to introduce the factors that affect the life of the tile press.
a, steel tile equipment hydraulic pneumatic device power and speed. Tile press in the technical parameters, the relationship between power and speed of the rotor to the extent of the impact of hydraulic rod hardened, thereby affecting the life of the hydraulic system, so we have to set the technical parameters within a certain range, can not appear too big or too small situation, thus affecting the service life of tile press.
b, steel tile inside the device size of the gap. Various hydraulic and hydraulic roller gap between the bars should be kept stacked in uniform and consistent, can not appear too close or too far from the case, a pressure a little pressure will lead to the production of the product quality is not balanced so that is what we need to pay attention in steel tile equipment, glazed tile press and other machinery production above are a common occurrence.
c, materials and quality hydraulic system. Structure fabrication of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic axis on mechanical properties after heat treatment. Reasonable scientific manufacture casting process and heat treatment process is an effective method to use when the hydraulic axis prone to breaking solution, after heat treatment of manufacturing raw materials will increase, compact overall increase in raw materials and pressure resistance, to achieve long-term use deformation and fracture of the case does not appear.
These are the extension of roll forming equipment Ltd. summed up by years of work experience in a few tips, I hope for your help, if you have any other technical questions, please call our company!